OneTigris went to IWA!


Well… Not officially, but our co-founder and CMO, Hana Xu, flew from China to attend, met our longtime friends and made new ones, and here’s what she had to say about IWA this year:

Leo, OneTigris K9 Ambassador 


1. What impressed you the most about IWA this year?


The people. Everybody was incredibly friendly. I was also genuinely surprised that so many people knew about OneTigris. It actually felt like a family reunion.


2. Most eye-catching brand/booth?


511 Tactical: You could see and feel their influence by the crowds they attracted, visual displays of the shop, and how people were so thrilled to be there to “meet the brand” in person.


Direct Action: The expo booth was very well designed, and their product display was carefully thought out. A side note is OneTigris fans comparing us with DA, which was quite a glorious moment and also highly motivating for us.


3. Which product stood out from the rest?


There wasn’t really any. People talked more about the possibility of airsoft gear and whether or not it should stay as replicas that generated profit, or original designs of more personal value. OneTigris once had a product, the RECON 34L Modular Assault Pack, that was a replica and popular product, but Tiger (CEO) made the decision to shelf the product because he wanted OneTigris to be a creator.


4. Name a few friends you made there:


Unprol! Bill Thomas from Airsoft Action made the introduction and then our paths crossed multiple times at IWA because I was always getting lost and ending up in the Unprol team’s helpful hands! We also discussed the possibility of having OneTigris gear in their shop. Thank you so much, Bill!


It was also incredible to meet female airsoft players Kelly Hardwick and Hayley Bettenson. These beautiful women are doing what they love and loving what they do, and this is always what OneTigris aspires to.

Hayley from the UK

Ramona from Germany


5. What comments towards OneTigris did you receive from people you met?


Most praised our airsoft masks and tactical dog gear. They also complimented on our interaction with our users and said they felt a personal connection with us when compared with major brands out there.


6. What do you think OneTigris lacks right now?


More offline sales channels to provide people with more access to our products and services. This is also the most important mission for us this year. Needless to say, we need to come up with more professional gear that completes awesome sets.


7. What do you think is OneTigris’ strength?


Our users! They approve of what we do, are always willing to offer advice and suggestions, and have faith in us. That is what propels us to go further and to do better.


8. Do you think OneTigris will join next year?


We will discuss its probability with IWA. Fingers crossed.


9. Which brands would you like to collaborate with?


ICS from Taiwan. They are the first company that started to make airsoft guns and they created the very first network of airsoft enthusiasts and experts. It would be amazing if we could find a way to collaborate with them.


10. What’s next for OneTigris?


We are going to release more professional tactical dog gear that’s reinforced with patent protected structures while we work hard to expand sales channels. As for airsoft, we are also communicating with talented designers and should have exciting new products to look forward to, so stay tuned!

Stefano from EVOLUTION

Carlos and Leo, long-time OneTigris friends

Danny from the Netherlands

Emanuele from TangoTactical

Thomas from ASG

Wilfred and Dave from TAG-SHOP

Jasmin, OneTigris Friend and Ambassador!

Malek from the Netherlands

Dear Bill from Airsoft Action
and Airsofter Klockar!

Carlos and Leo again!



Note from Hana post-trip:

"I didn't bring enough OneTigris patches and catalogs to give to people. I didn't have time to take a picture with the friends I met and made there. I couldn't thank them enough for saying hi, for offering advice, and for giving us encouragement... It felt more real than ever to be there to see you guys!"

Hana with STORM Foldable Mesh Mask