• > 1000D Nylon construction of durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance
  • > Loop surfaced webbing on both sides for strapping on MOLLE pouches
  • > Strength tested at 330lb (260lb for size M) with a unique front chest strapped no-slide design
  • > Padded structure with breathable mesh lining for comfort even in the summer heat
  • > Front and rear leash clips for effective K9 control and no-pull training
  • > Fully adjustable fit with fleece strap covers to prevent causing skin irritation and discomfort
  • > 2 reinforced handles for lifting your dog to provide temporary weight support and mobility assistance
  • > Reinforced stitching on all stress points to ensure safe gear use



Gear testing out the NEW @onetigris Double Grab Handle Tactical Harness. I'm not sure how everyone feels about vertical handles but I really dig harnesses with them rather than horizontal!


This harness has a Y-front pad and a belly pad with 6 adjustable clip straps. The 4 straps for the belly pad have foam liners to cover the nylon, clips, and excess straps. There are two sturdy D clips, one in the front and one by the top handle. Aaaand of course there is room for velcro patches on both sides! It took me a long time to adjust it, yet I still think I made it a little crooked.


Although it may look bulky from the photo, it's actually very lightweight which makes it breathable and easy for a dog to move freely in it. I can't wait to show this to my program dog handlers and get their opinions on it as well. (They've been looking for a new maker to get their gear from!) All in all, I think this an excellent addition to the onetigris dog gear collection!


What do you think? Like? Dislike? Would you buy this harness or have anything changed to it? Maybe could we get some different colors?


Credit: @MeowAsia, 1TG

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I swear it was Friday... like five minutes ago! Oh well... happy Monday everyone! Double grab tactical harness @onetigris. Check out my story! 


Review: Putting this harness to the test, I am impressed. Not only does the webbing (velcro) have many uses but so does the dual handles. When Zax gets reactive on leash, it's nice to be able to grab him with both hands. He is 115lbs of pure muscle so durability really is important!


This harness comes with a D ring in the front and back so you have the choice of where to leash him and lastly I think he looks pretty handsome in it. Zaxaan Approved. Now to look at some more attachments for this harness.


Credit: @Goodboy_zax, 1TG

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