Review #1


Hey guys, so I’ve had the OneTigris Seatback MOLLE Organizer for about a week or so. It arrived quickly and it was very well packaged. The Stitching is very well done and the Molle straps are strong and durable. It is able to hold a decent amount of weight without giving.
The Molle webbing is throughout the whole organizer even through the pocket that is on the bottom half.


The organizer only has one pocket and it is able to hold quite a lot of stuff. The pocket closes up with a Velcro strip on top so it keeps things organized without them spilling over. I have two dogs and we do a lot of camping. So with the pocket, I am able to put a jar of treats with two leashes and still have room for more stuff.


When I first received this in the mail I busted it open and immediately installed it in my truck.
My dog Moose destroyed my backseat pockets that were originally in my truck when he was a puppy so whenever we go anywhere we have to pack everything in our packs and toss in the bed of the truck, so they have the full cab to roam. Now with this, I can be organized and have all the last minute stuff together without having to look for them in my pack.


The organizer was easy to install. I have a GMC Sierra and it fits like a glove. The strap isn’t in the way of my neck and the bottom buckle is tucked on the side so I don’t even feel it. It’s adjusts easily if your seat is slimmer or if you want it higher or lower on the seat.


I am truly satisfied with this product, it’s very practical and well designed. It’s something I didn’t know I needed till I received it. Especially if your seats no longer have back pockets. It’s a sleek design with a lot of molle webbing that really makes you maximize the space without taking a lot of room up and keeps it looking organized.


Honestly the only suggestion I would have if that would be to add more Velcro to attach more morale patches. But that’s just me. Right now I have a couple patches and it still is a decent amount. Also, maybe adding other color features. Just because not everyone has black seat covers, so maybe a gray, and brown so it truly is universal without looking too obvious.


Attached are some pictures of how it came packaged and and how it looks with no items on it and my day to day packing. Do a lot of night hiking/walks with my dogs so doggy bags are always a must, the jar on the right fits perfect with room to spare in the pocket but because I added my speaker to show that the webbing holds it well I took it out.

Credit: @MaysonTyler, 1TG  

Review #2


I received the Seatback molle organizer and as all onetigris items it is very well packaged. My first impression was that it look a good quality material with very good stitching and very tick strong straps. There is hook and loop Molle on the top portion and normal Molle webbing all the way down with a pocket in the middle.



I immediately went to install that in my truck. I had struggles installing it on my seat, I normally keep my headrest in the lower position but to install this I had to raise it and for the lower strap like you can see in the picture, my seat is very curve and firm so the strap will get tend. It turn out that it was not confortable driving around with those straps in the way, I could feel the strap and buckle of the headrest on my neck.



I then decided to install it on my wall at home using the holes in the four corners. The straps are easily removable so it make a great molle panel for a wall. I might try later to put it in my car again with paracord using those holes.



When I was installing it at first in my car, I thought about the pocket in middle of the panel, my seat already have a big pocket, so I thought instead of having a pocket it could only be an opening that let you access you seat's pocket.



But once installed on my wall I realized that pocket was the biggest problem of that panel. You can't put something too big or too long without blocking the access to the pocket or having your molle webbing stopping in the exact line where there is no molle because of the pocket. Or if you put something too heavy on the bottom portion under the pocket it will make this part of the panel being saggy.



My suggestion for that product will be to remove the pocket and just have a full panel of molle webbing.


Credit: @Trucphil85, 1TG