The OneTigris Dog Food Carrier provides two uses; could be used as a treat pouch for training and used to carry food for traveling or emergency situations.


While I am reviewing this item, I measured how much food it would hold. It turned out to be 3-3.5 full cups of dry dog food. For most dog owners that would be 2 meals. For dog owners that have larger dogs it would provide 1.5 meals.


I find that it also has great storage, pocket for waste bags that can also be used to hold cards, clips, a small amount of dog vitamins, etc.


One thing that I would like to change on the product is the inside pouch holding the dog food. It crinkles and it lose inside, which makes it hard to close and open. It also spills food if it's open while being used and slows the flow of the dog food pouring out of the side. I suggest attaching the food pouch to the pocket on both sides of the pouch.


Over all this was a great design and a very useful product!


Credit: @Moe_Ro, 1TG