Hi everyone! As mentioned in the gear test application, I already had one of these shelters and offer the following comments/observations. I like the design of the shelter and have supported the idea right from its inception. It’s a little tall for my liking, as a quick/survival shelter but for overall, everyday use it’s great.

I set up the awning with two trekking poles, in the picture they are at full extension. With adjustable poles the height can easily be adjusted. Going too high I found that there may be an area where water could pool if the awning was left up.

The guy line adjusters are excellent and worked like a charm. Highly recommend for other shelters/tarps. If a person was setting this up with out a ridgeline and using poles on the side of the shelter you would be short pegs for a complete set up. You would need 9-10 pegs. Also there is no tie up for the mesh if you wanted to roll it up and keep it out of the way. Lastly when the awning is up access in and out is easy, but if you have the awning down access in and out is a tight fit.


Credit: @Dean Cattell, 1TG