As promised a review on the Multicam upgraded Scream foldable mesh mask.

The package came in like a rocket. In less than 2 weeks straight out of China. Super fast and well packed. Well done on this one!

I had unboxed the package and saw that each product had his own Onetigris seal bag. I loved to see how much care they put in their products.

Scream mesh mask:
When I opened the sealed bag I saw a very good product. The material and stitches are amazing! Well done!
The mesh peace around the mouth and nose section is comfy and you can adjust it for the right fit. The rest of the mask is comfy because of the soft, breathable and flexible material on the inside.
I tested the mask with Swiss Eye tactical glasses and Goggles. I had no issues with both Eyepro's. The seal around the nose and glasses had a good fit.

Swiss Eye G-tac:

Swiss eye A-tac:

Newbie (non airsofter) words:
When I saw the mask, I thought it would be a hell to wear it. But when I had it on, it felt comfy!

New straps:
I received the new straps so you can adjust the mesh mask on a fast helmet without cutting or changing anything on the mask. It's a very simple future but it really works. I have shown this future to some airsoft players and they were hyped about the straps. Credits to @CallsignReach and Onetigris!

New small idea:
Because Onetigris has a size option ( M & L) I would love to see a size label on the mask. That way you will make it a complete product.

Unfortunately, I had a disappointment on the mesh mask. I have asked for the Multicam and I received the Multicam on the right side of the mask. The left side was almost white with no Multicam colors.

Right side:

Left side:

Tip: Check all the items. Even when it's for a 1TG team member. Never but never let a product that has those colors leave the warehouse.

This was my first review so if you guys have do's or dont's just let me know!

Credit: @Suriana, 1TG