My little girl Par Pars was the tester for the Beast Mojo Harness, and all I can say is it's so freaking awesome!! It's really hard to find a neat harness for Par Pars because she is 11lbs of muscle with a big chest, tiny waist and a long body for a small doggie. The Beast Mojo Harness fits her perfectly, tho it is pulled as small as it can go for her but it fits perfect ( in case she decides to gain a little weight she has wiggle room LOL) The harness itself is amazing quality and very durable, I love the handle on the back. When hiking and may need a little help going up steep rocks I just grab the handle and boost her up. My 13 year old baby girl also turns a lot of heads wearing the harness, it's so awesome looking how could you not look! I will definitely be getting more products! Thank you OneTigris!

Credit: @JodyD, 1TG