Hi folks!

Here's my little review of the OneTigris® Multicam Foldable Gear Holder in multicam!


Material: Front=Sturdy 500D Multicam Cordura® Nylon...

Back=Looks like a silnylon material, easy to clean with a wet wipe!

Molle loops: 5 rows of 9 molle loops, 4 pockets on bottom... Give a lots of options!


Unboxing: Classic Onetigris package, zipped pouch with transparant front and white kinda polyester mesh back. Little flyers of gear come in the bag too, classig Onetigris tag on product!


Heady duty loops! I've tested it with various pouches with 6lbs of stuff and the panel was straight on the wall! (I used a hanger to help because i didn't want to drill the wall for the test...) I really love the multiple possible configuration of this panel! I made a Radio Comm, First Aid and tools panels with some patches to test it... The bottom pockets was perfect to hold the various earphones/speaker for the radio!


About the multiple configuration... tried to make a "folding knives display panel" and it worked great too! Again, lots of weight and the panel still strong and sturdy! I use the bottom pockets to store my non-belt clip knives...

The grommets are strongs and stiching around the mat are nice and clean! (More on the molle stiching later...)

Cons and Upgrades:

I'm not sure whats the purpose of the "foldable option" on this mat... First, you can only roll it because of the way molle loops are deigned if you want to "keep it flat"... If the foldable option is for transportation or carry it in a backpack, maybe a closure option would be a nice addition?

Molle webbing stichings have some flaws... four webbing had some loose threads... Nothing that will make the panel weaker, but not pleasant to the eye... i'll need to cut these looses threads later...

With a hanger like i did, you could also hang it in your closet with various pouches too! But i think this panel deserve to be on a wall, it's look great, it's look tactical and it great to hold various pouches that would usually be in a backpack or a box... It's a nice item to have in your stockroom to keep it clean and simple, with a really nice view! I'm planning to buy 2 or 3 more to make a nice wall section on my stockroom! That will be awesome for sure! No more loose pouches! And great to hold all your molle equipement too!

Final note: 4.5/5! Good job Onetigris!


Credit: @Heimdall, 1TG

This is a review of the multicam foldable gear holder (TF-ZDD05-MC).


This is commonly known as a morale patch panel but depending on the number of pockets that are built into the panel, it can be handy to hold tools, etc. At events you will see some people set up a couple of chairs and a table and hang this off the table or the back of the hatch on their SUV, and in this way sort of having a "tail gating" look that is festive and shows off their patches while storing a few tools like a leatherman or Gerber multi-function device, etc. So with a table and this gear holder one can be ready to make adjustments during the event phases/lunch, when you are off the field. I like the design on this because the strips of molle' are less in number, spread out, yet sufficient to hold a patch and so, more of the multicam design is viewable. It seems to be made to allow some room for the multicam to show through in between the rows of patches one wants to display. If you want to display patches that are all multicam or similar collars, then this is an especially cool feature. It has 4 moderately sized pockets at the bottom of the panel. The material is 500D cordura made in the US, and the tops of the pockets are folded over and well stitched so this thing is not going to fall apart if you put a lot of parts in the pockets and use it a lot.


I have another onetigris gear holder that has 5 pockets, three on top and two on the bottom and will hold more gear, but I like the functionality of this one. I suspect the pockets on my existing tan panel would have more difficulty retaining their shape if very much hear is put in them, expecially if t is heavy, so, I think I like the size of the 4 pockets in this multicam panel better. Also, the material on the multicam version is cordura while that of my existing panel is a lighter weight surface that will support patches all over it, while the panel I am reviewing here will only support patches on the molle' strips. Another difference to report is that my tan panel has backing that is tougher cordura while the backing on the multicam version I am reviewing here is a lighter weight woven material that is not as tough.


I like this version better for my own use. My only negative would be that I would prefer to have the same cordura material as backing to ensure the whole product lasts the same long time. I doubt there will be a problem with the back though. I think this is an excellent evolution of design by oneTigris, and they make 5 versions now I think so you have the ability to pick the one that suits your needs best. See you in the field!

Credit: @Nathan Ward, 1TG