Here’s my review of the extension panel. My test/review involved a regular size belt and the extension panel performed great. As with other OneTigris products there is nothing to pick on as far as craftsmanship. Top quality material and attention to detail are evident.

I tried the panel in a couple different configurations. My favourite was with DragonSnail Tool Pouch and standard Tool Pouch. Both pouches attached to the extension panel and there is enough room to clip a flashlight or other item on the left over row. I found that wearing these pouches on the extension panel was considerably more comfortable than wearing them on a belt. Because the pouches are securely attached to the panel and because the panel does not shift, everything stayed solid and did not have any flop or movement. 


Everything fit nicely and I think I may keep these mounted on the panel so that they can be easily moved from one belt to another.

Here are a couple other pics with a slightly different configuration. I can see myself needing to purchase at least one more panel so that items can be left attached to the panels.
For those wondering, the panel works great for wearing with standard pants as well. Two of the Velcro sleeves fit in between standard belt loops so there is no shifting at all.

Overall a job well done and well worth the time and effort that went into the design.

Credit: @Dean Cattell, 1TG

Co-design MOLLE /PALS extension panel review

I have been using the above product on my Duty belt for over a month. I have attached a First Aid pouch and Nitrile glove pouch to the panel.

The construction of the panel is excellent. The materials and more importantly the stitching on the product show absolutely no signs of wear and tear. First impressions are that the panel is made of high quality materials that will last as long as the user needs it to.

The belt loops on the rear of the panel attach to my 2 inch duty belt adequately and although they do not fully fold back on to themselves there is enough of an overlap to ensure that they remain closed and secure. Although not tested on a narrower belt it would work really well on a 1.5” or 1.75” belt.

At no point in the testing period has the panel or the attached pouches moved or become loose. I have not had to give it any thought or attention once fitted to the belt.

The panel is stiff enough to provide a sturdy MOLLE platform on an ordinary Duty belt. The stiffened panel however did not dig into me when moving or when seated.

The obvious use for the panel is to provide a MOLLE /PALS platform to a standard Duty belt, which it does perfectly. The advantage to the user is that the panel provides a solid and stationary platform for the user’s MOLLE /PALS compatible pouches and holsters etc It enables the user to place pouches on the belt that will not move laterally around their waist during use. A MOLLE pouch can slide along the belt when attached to a non-MOLLE platform.

Most real world users will have a mix of MOLLE and non-MOLLE pouches and this panel appears to be an ideal way to incorporate both styles of pouch/holster on the same Duty belt without adding bulk or weight needlessly. The panel is easily removed and can be put onto another belt very quickly without removing other items from the belt. This enables the user to move pouches or holsters between belts without any fuss.

The OneTigris MOLLE / PAL extension panel is lightweight and strong. It is made to a high standard from quality materials. It is secure and offers a stable platform for pouches and holsters. The panel moves with the user and does not dig into the user’s side when moving or sitting.

Overall I would recommend the panel to anyone looking for a lightweight MOLLE platform for their Duty Belt where they have standard pouches or holsters that they wish to use at the same time. Simple but effective. 10/10.


Credit: @ech0wun, 1TG