The following is my gear test report for the DIABLO rifle case and shooting mat.

  • Appearance- For someone not knowing this looks to be a normal soft rifle carrying case. I must compliment the designers in engineering a way to combine both elements VERY well. The styling of the case make it a very attractive accessory and functional accessory.
  • Material- The material I found no faults in. All the key area's that needed to be padded or reinforced are. Also the material does do a great job at repelling dampness and shedding water, a must for a shooting mat!
  • Quality- As always no complaints and is exactly what I have come to expect from a Onetigris product!
  • Functionality, use and purpose- The function is there! Does a excellent job as a carrying case and also does a great job as a shooting mat. But buyers should be made aware this is not a full body shooting mat. I found using this I myself have just enough room to keep from my knees up and the majority of the mat and my rear of the rifle on the mat. When testing in damp conditions this did allow me to keep dry. I can see myself using this while varmit hunting in the fields of Ohio. This case/mat allows for a very minimalist shooting set up and can easily move from one shooting position to another at ease.
  • Recommended changes- I did find a couple things I personally would change. These are not major issue just small details.

In Fig 1. photo I found the need for a sleeve for the buckle. This sleeve could be made out of a elastic material to make it easier to access the buckle but at the same time give a non scratching surface that comes into contact with the rifle when folded. I know the buckle is just plastic but over time I could see this rubbing and causing damage. Also notice how long the straps for the mat are. Having just some hook and loop sewn to the end so extra strap could be rolled and secured would be a great feature and function to keep the straps at a desired setting. 

In Fig 2. Adding a row of additional molle would allow for add on's to be mounted lower into the case I found somethings wanted to stick out no matter what I did.

Lastly Fig 3. Shows alternative points to consider moving shoulder strap mounts. I find the current placement very effective and allows for a very comfortable shoulder carry but when used as a shooting mat they are in a very bad place. The hardware I can see becoming damage if used on very hard terrain. By relocating these straps to the proposed area it still serves the same function but also should get these out of the hazard area.

Credit: @CommonFamilySurvival, 1TG