This is my review of the UPGRADED FIRE WATCHER Dog Harness.


Having purchased the previous model in a size large, it just never did stay centered on my dog and I was constantly having to adjust it, especially when loaded and the dog was activity. I had it snugged up as far as it would go. With the new sizing it looked like Vita, my GSD, would be able to use either, we were chosen to try the medium and I'll have to say it was a great improvement for her, in it staying put. No more issues with it slipping side to side and as you will see from the video, it works with an activity dog at play. I have mine set up with 2 of the electronic organizers and was happy to see even though the vest was shorter in length by one inch from the large the organizers still fit and worked fine. One side is set up for the dog, with potty bags coming out of the cord hole while the other has people things and hand wipes. With the bags loaded and Vita retrieving the gear stays put. There is a bit more flapping movement on one side, the Molles on the bottom row came unattatched and I did not see that until I got the camera out of my face. The quality of workmanship, stitching etc is beautiful, neat, and clean, all straps cross stitched for extra support. The changes I noticed which were not to my liking so much but not a big deal, is there is less padding to the under piece in this upgraded medium, than my previous large, not sure if that was a size difference or why there is a difference there, but more padding is always appreciated. Also the handle is not as substantial, which makes me hesitant to use it too much with a 70+ dog. The velcro wrapping to tie up the ends of the straps is a nice idea, although time consuming, and leaves some dangling. So in summary the improvements to correct the slippage I feel have been successful!

OneTigris military tactical harnesses focus on durability, practicality, and style. It features a bellyband and adjustable straps design and the top handle helps you to effectively control your dog. With its MOLLE and hook & loop system, he/shell will be able to carry extra gear and wear morale patches to show K9 power to the MAX.

1. 1000D Nylon material and detailed stitching, holds up and dries quickly

2. Light, soft padded, and water resistant, ideal for training and outings

3. Top handle with firm grip for effective K9 control

4. MOLLE and hook & loop system for extra pouches and morale patches

5. 4-buckle-bellyband-design: easy to strap on/remove

6. X-bungee cords for holding water bottle or umbrella

7. Adjustable straps and leash attachment ring

Package Includes 

OneTigris Upgraded FIRE WATCHER Dog Harness *1

Credit: @Leah Nosack AKC CGC Evaluator and Trainer, 1TG