Arrived : 20th of June 2018

Initial thoughts : 
The pouch is really well made, the cuts are precise and the stitching is on point. Overall the feel of the pouch is royal, it does not have any loose stitches and the material is solid. My 5.56 mags fit perfectly and snug that they can not fall out of the pouch by accident.

Today was the day of field-testing :):)

Functionality 10/10 : 
I was amazed of the quality and snug fit of the pouch. Also, I have never used these pouches with elastic bands but man, are they good for fast reloads. And that does not compromise the secure placement of mags (during rolling, jumping, running etc. the mags stood in place with no problem).

Versatility 10/10 :
Not into tactical stuff? No problem. I've tried many things with this pouch, get a bag with molle system and you have 3 new great storage compartments, that will fit bottles, radios, medic packs, snacks, you name it!

Other Specifications 8/10 : 


These comments are a bit subjective but I have the need to tell them. 


OD, we need more OD, especially in Europe, the main terrain are woods and green to brownish areas. OD is a great universal color for woodland/greenish uniforms.

The molle straps are really hard, it is a bit of a pain to molle it right, but when you do, it holds really tight. Maybe this is not something to be complained for, but maybe there is a way to make them a bit softer. But this is not something you do everyday if you do not change your pouches that often.

I LOVE the fact that the molle straps are not sewed in and can be removed and reorganized, and that there is 4 of them (more than enough), great job on that!

Verdict : I recommend buying these pouches, I am a fan of standard molle system and this is my first contact with laser cut and if you like that, go for it! The pouch is really well made and it is super versatile!


Hope you like my first review, if you have any questions or constructive criticism, please let me know :):) 


Credit: @dometnik, 1TG