Hi everyone!

Here's my review of the Onetigris Lasercut Triple Rifle Mag pouch, first of all, i need to say it's was my first "lasercut" product, i usually use "molle webbing system". I've discovered both system as pros and cons. (More on that later, keep reading!) Here we go!


Packaging: As usual, nice packaging, not a lot of "stuffing" but it's a heavy duty pouch so.... not many risk of breaking during shipping!


First impression: Heavy-duty and well made, got clean "lasercut", come with 4 snaps (great snaps by the way!) to fix it to a vest or other lasercut/molle webbing system, elastic loop seems heavy duty too!


Front: You will see it a lot in the review! I need space for my other pictures! (Max 10!)



Materials: 1000D Nylon is really a great Heavy duty material! Nice quality elastic cord! Snaps straps are my favorite so far! Kinda hard to fix them througt the lasercut slot but once you got it, they will stay in place forever!


Configuration: Here's the main part! I've tried a lot of configuration with various items, i know it's a "mag pouch" but we got so much stuff to carry, why don't use it the maximum we can! After testing it, i would replace the name "mag pouch" by "utility pouch" because i'm gonna use this pouch for a lot of things and most of them are not "magazines"!

Here's what i had on hand to test the pouch!

Top Row (Left to Right): Onetigris tool pouch, AR15 Pmag 30 rds, AR15 Metal mag20 rds, AR15 mag 10 rds, 2-M14 mags, 2-Baofeng UV82, 3 walkies-talkies

Bottom Row (Left to Right): One tigris lasercut pouch, Old Samsung S4 in a case, Solar Charger, SOG Flashlight (with pouch), SOG Pocketplier (with pouch), OKC Rat 2 folding knife), Small First aid kit!

Configuration #1: Magazines!


Since it's a magazine pouch, i tried it first with...well.. mags!


1A: M14 magazines: I'm a little disapointed about these.... 2 mags works well but i never been able to enter a third M14 20 rds mags in the last pouch, maybe if i forced a lot i would success but i'm pretty sure they will be too snug in it i would have problems to grab it when needed... If you put 2 M14 mags in it, you can slide a AR15 Pmag or other things in the last pouch slot, as long as it's not a M14 mags...(or something of similar dimension)

1B: AR15 magazines: These will fit well! Easy to put in, easy to grab, i've tried with 30 rds Pmags and 20 rds steel mags, even 10 rds fit in there but they will be harder to get since they are really short! Elastic cords keep the mags in place and are easy to slide over the mag to grab the mag. If i need a pouch for Ar15 mags, it's the one i wll grab! You can adjust the retention of the pouch on the mag by sliding the plastic button on the bottom of the pouch.


Configuration #2: Other things! The funny part!


2A: Walkie-talkies and Radio: This pouch is an awesome "Radio pouch", they slide in wery easily, they are easy to grab, just the right size, i'm gonne use this pouch while camping this summer to bring these walkie-talkies for the kids! When the day is over, you just put them back in the pouch!

2B: Radio, magazines and front pouch: Another possible configuration for airsoft or shooting day! My tool pouch fixed on the front, a radio on a slot and 2 AR15 mags on the others ( Was really fit with M14 mags because of the front pouch)

2C: EDC Configuration: I'm an edc fan... so i had to try it! Phone fits really well with case, Flashlight got a lot of space and can easily clip on the front, solar charger fits really well too, The clip of my multitool pouch slide nicely in the lasercut slots (unlike in molle webbing who tend to wiggle a little) and same thing for my Rat2, lasercut slots are really "pocket clip friendly"! Really love this configuration to put on a backpack! (or shooting range bag)

2D: EDC and Medic Configuration: This setup is a little different of the previous one, i've put a radio/cellphone/solar charger on the pouch and fixed my first aid kit, multiool sheath and flashlight sheath on the front! This would be a great configuration for someone working in a Security/Medic team at a special event or a nice "hiking/survival configuration"!

I fixed this exact setup on my Bug-out Bag and i must admit it fit nicely! As you can see, i really love that Tan & Black setup! The Mag pouch is just the right dimension to fit on my front molle webbing, it doesn't "wiggles" and stay in place firmly because of these 4 awesome strap that came with!

3A: Shooting Mat Configuration: This is a great addition to my Onetigris shooting mat! Any of the above configurations would works with the mat depending of the planning of the day! Magazines, Radio, Cellphones, Tools, Charger, First Aid Kits... This pouch gonna hold them all!

Conclusion: Even if i'm a little disapointed with the incapacity of putting 3-M14 mags in the pouch, i really love this pouch for all the possible configurations i could use it! I found it too big to put on a belt setup because of the "panel form" (I've tried it) and noticed the corners are in the way when moving. I'm pretty sure this pouch would be awesome with a lasercut vest! On a scale of 10, for the infinite versatiliy, i will give this pouch a solid 8.5/10! A little bit wider to allow my 3-M14 mags (like advertised) and it would have scored a 9+ ! 


Maybe add some colors choice like OD Green or Multicam would be great, i think every gear shoul have at least these 4 colors choice!


Credit: @Heimdall82, 1TG