Okay so first impressions. BADASS!!! This word might be overused, but I've never been accused of being original so why start now. Seriously put the name Dragon Snail Admin Pouch aside and if you remember only one thing from this review, remember this is one BADASS Pouch! 

Pouch is approximately 8"+ Long x 5"+ High x 2"+ Wide. With the size you have to remember that the pouch can expand and retract, so measurements really depend on what state the pouch is in when measured. For most accurate empty state measurements please refer to OneTigris.com.

This Pouch is built to last with durable, versatile and reliable Cordura Fabric. The Pouch is not waterproof but it is water resistant. Water just runs right off. Front and back webbing and back button straps for molle compatible gear. The front has a large velcro strip about 7" Long x 2" Wide. Pouch has zipper entry with para-cord pulls.

Opening this Pouch  was a surprise. The one side has an open pocket (about 3.5" Deep x 7.25" Wide) and then two pockets (about 3" Deep x 4" Wide) with velcro closures and easy open pull tabs. The Pouch kind of balances on its own and has solid material barriers on each side to prevent items from falling out when all the way open. Down the middle of the Pouch is a velcro/detachable large ID/Map/Etc. holder. One side of the holder is see through and the other side has sheaths for things the size of pens on one side and USB thumb drives on the other side. The other side of the Pouch has 3 elastic straps for holding things like a small pair of binoculars. Behind those are a zipper enclosed pocket, the zipper having para-cord pull of course. 

So I wanted to see how this Dragon Snail Admin Pouch played with the recently reviewed OneTigris Horizontal Phone Pouches TG-SJT06 & TG-SJT07. As you can see the phone pouches mount nicely to the front of the Dragon Pouch. Both sizes equally as well. Even with the phone pouches attached the overall combo still has a sleek profile not even adding an inch or so. Technically you could attach one to the front and one to the back, but then you'd basically be carrying them like a football, which I'll get to in my conclusion. 

Of course I had to try this Pouch on a Pack. First I added the Dragon Pouch to the bottom of the pack. The button straps with molle compatibility make it really easy or should I say a snap. I couldn't help myself. Next I went ahead and added the large horizontal phone pouch above the Dragon Pouch on the pack. Both look good, add very little weight, do not mess up pack balance and add really easy, quick access storage accessibility. 

The pack I used in the example just happens to be my shooting pack, so I figured why not. My Black Point Tactical Kydex holster for my Sig 9mm fit like it was made to be attached to the new Pouch. The open pocket inside the Pouch easily fit 3 of my 17 round mags and would have fit more but I was too lazy to get up and go get more. I'm going to guess conservatively that 5 would fit easily. I put one of my 21 round mags on the other side of the Pouch in one of the elastic straps just to give an idea of space. Next I took a 100 round 9mm range ammo box put it on one side of pouch and then 100 round of 22 caliber ammo box on the other side. These boxes are pretty bulky and the Pouch zipped up with ease.

Of course I tried pens and usb thumb drives and various other everyday work/school type items all of which fit and work perfectly in the pouch. I also tried my wallet with my pain pump bolus delivery system device which is like a small brick. Again no issue, just a lot of extra room in the Pouch.

I also put it on my Service Dog's OneTigris Dog Harness. I know I'm a broken record but it's just so easy with the button straps and molle compatible gear. Unfortunately I couldn't get my Service Dog to participate in the picture portion of the review. He's protesting until he gets his own product to test. What can I say at least he has good taste! 

In summary I really put this pouch through its paces. In the zoo that is our house and life any product that can hold up to the abuse of a regular week let alone an irregular week is worth its money. The Dragon Snail Admin Pouch is made well. You can tell by looking, by feeling, by its weight and by the materials its made of. Quality built with attention to the smallest details like the para-cord zipper pulls, which I wish were standard. I have some nerve issues that affect my hands and there are times I just cannot get the zipper closure, but I can always get the para-cord.

For me and my current day to day this is the perfect size bag for all occasions. Big enough for when I need a lot of stuff yet still small enough in size to not be in the way when I just need to keep track of a few things. And this is purely speaking about the civilian world. This bag is also a great addition to those who tread outside the day to day civilian world. I'm referring to the broader outdoors-person category to include anything from hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, shooting, air soft, kayaking, boating, etc. Those that play outside of the concrete jungle. Perfect for both worlds as this Pouch is very versatile. 

I tried/used the Pouch attached to: kayak, power boat, golf cart, wheel chair, car, mountain bike, dog harness, pack, etc. I used it as a tool bag for my RC Trucks. I also used it as a shooting range bag for my range ammo and accessories. I used it as a day bag for my service dog. I used it as a day bag for myself. I've carried the Pouch with me since it arrived March 30th. Because of my nerve issues I drop things a lot. The Pouch has definitely been tossed around and it shows no wear.

It is just my opinion, but I believe this Pouch is worth the money. I would buy this Pouch and highly recommend to anyone looking for a Pouch/bag of this size. 

I have two suggestions after what I feel was thoroughly testing this Pouch: 

1. When I purchased my OneTigris Dog Harness the red patch shown in picture below was included. I think every OneTigris product should come with a OneTigris Patch. From company perspective I view it as an easy way to spread the word and a relatively inexpensive marketing effort. Speaking for myself I'd have the OneTigris Patch on every single one of my products if not every item I have velcro space available regardless of brand product.

2. The Dragon Snail Admin Pouch should have a handle to carry as a pouch, which makes it even more versatile. Currently to use as a pouch it really needs to be mounted onto another item. I found this bag so great that I'd like to use it in my daily life in the concrete jungle. Given that a handle would suit me best. I'm not talking about a big bulky handle. I do not want anything that would get in the way when attaching say to a pack. Something similar to below or even smaller. First picture shows size comparison of the pouch I have been using because it was the best I could find to meet my needs, but it is way too big. As you can see in second picture the pouch has straps for handles. This pouch is also meant to attach to a full on camping trail pack. 

So no negatives from me and my review of the Dragon Snail Admin Pouch. Just two suggestions or my two cents which usually equals zero. Haha! I'll repeat what I said on page one. If you only remember one thing from my review. Please remember the Dragon Snail Admin Pouch is a BADASS POUCH!!! Definitely worth buying.

Yes, I would buy and Yes, I highly recommend. I feel good about that based off of this Pouch's Durability, Versatility and Reliability! 

Credit: @BigT, 1TG