Since Marcela wrote about her travel photo gear, I wanted to write about my photography EDC, everyday carry for those of you not familiar with the term. I wanted to write about what I carry on my bag because, most of the times we are traveling and taking pictures, a lot of people wonder about the cameras I carry and how do I manage to carry all my stuff and some of Marcela’s things as well.
The main difference between what I carry and what Marcela carries is that she is focused on photography and I have no focus at all. Because of this lack of proper focus, I carry an Sony Action Camera and a Canon 7D at the same time that I carry a small analog camera. I know it is a lot of gear but I find ways of using them all in all of my travels.

But, lets stop with this and go straight to the point. I gonna start this with I normally carry for a day trip. This is what I normally have with me when I leave my hotel or my house early and I know I’m going to spend the entire day outside.

Below you can see what I carry inside my main bag.

1.I like to have quick access to some of my gear so I decided to attach some military styled pouches to my bag. The first one you see there is my favorite one. Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC
Made by OneTigris, it has space for my iPhone, for extra batteries and even for a small notebook that sometimes I carry to write down where I was or to remember something.

2.I always carry one of this universal tools with screw drivers and everything else. It is perfect for bike rides and for when something goes a little wrong and you have to try to fix it. This one I carry everywhere since it is pretty small and light and it makes my photography EDC a little bit better.

3.When I decided to walk from Berlin to Poland a few years ago, one of the main problems I had was the fact that my old iPhone 4S couldn’t hold charge long enough. So, I bought the best battery pack I could find and this Anker is it. It has dual USB ports that makes it easy for me to charge my cellphone and Marcela’s at the same time. It has 15000mAh of power that is more than enough to charge my iPhone more than 5 times and it comes with a small flashlight!

4.Like I said before, I like to have quick access to some of my gear and this is why I have some pushes attached to my main bag. This small one is where I keep my universal tool kit and my action camera.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC Sometimes I keep some pens there as well since every time you need a pen, you never have one. I decided to fix this by carrying one everywhere.

5.Since I have a lot of stuff on me all the time, I didn’t want to carry my camera on my neck like everybody. I want to avoid having straps getting tangled up and this is why I decided to go for this bright green wrist strap. It frees my neck for everything and it makes my life easier by keeping my camera close to my hand all the time.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC I love it and I wish I saw more people using something like this around.

6.We were in Barcelona a few years ago and I saw this small analog camera for sale in a shop. I bought it as a gift to Marcela but I don’t think I ever let her use it. My bad. This camera is called Black Mountain and it takes pictures in a square format, splitting the film you’d normally use in two. So, if you buy a 36 pictures film, this camera will turn it into 72 pictures. I normally carry it around for special moments since I still not sure how to handle film cameras that well.

7.When I’m taking pictures with my Canon, I use this 50mm lens.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC This lens is sharp, has almost no distortion and it takes great pictures when there is little light. This lens is not the most versatile one but I don’t worry that much about it since I carry different cameras for different things. Normally I use this for pictures of details in churches and other sights. It also works really well for portraits.

8.I started using this Canon 7D a little over a year ago and I still have a lot to learn. But I have to say that I love this camera and I try to carry it with me most of the times.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC It helps me in trying to see things in a different way and it makes me keep practicing and getting better and better. The Canon 7D is an amazing camera, fulfill all the needs I have in videos and photography. If you are looking for a great camera, this might be the way to go.

9.Most people don’t get why I do carry a flashlight with me most of the times. I bought this EasyAcc flashlight a while ago to use it on my bike and I realized later how great it is to carry a flashlight around you when it is winter time and the sun sets around 16:00.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC This flashlight is powerful and small and I even use to add some light to a night shot. This is something most people don’t think about but I love carrying this around.

10.I believe this Joby Gorillapod was the first thing I bought after i got my Sony Action Camera. This small tripod is small in size but it does everything you need.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC Too bad it doesn’t stand that might weight or I could use it on my Canon camera as well. Normally i use it on the ground when I want to take long exposures or when I trying my luck around a time-lapse. This tripod is versatile and it is great for mobile photography as well. If you get one, I promise you you won’t regret it.

11.The second thing I bought when I got my Sony Action Camera was this Cullman’s monopod. Different from other monopods and selfie sticks, this monopod is strong and stable and it is perfect to carry around since it is really light.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC The only problem I had with it was the poor quality of the ball head to attach the camera. I had a issue with it when it broke down in Finland and made my Action Camera sink into the sea. After that I got a Grifiti Nootle D-Ring Mini Ball Head that is amazing. It is heavy, stable and really well made.Felipe Tofani's Photography EDC Together with the Cullman’s monopod it takes care of most of the things I need when it comes to mobile photography.

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