In the blink of an eye, 2019 is coming to an end. Back to dreaming that a new year will bring new hope and transformation (joke).

Seriously, though. This year we welcomed new crew (we adopted a cat and named her Bo Peep!), we lived through the stories of people from near and far using our gear, doing small and funny things, or big and incredible feats, and the year was not without its occassional bumps and bruises.


2019 saw the release of many products, some flourished and some flopped, but each was unique and took us to the outdoors.

We followed the stories of so many people on social media who travelled, who designed gear with us, who helped us to see the unlimited possibilities of human strength and creativity!

Our heartfelt thanks to enthusiastic fans and friends around the globe for sharing their experiences and adventures, to our ambassadors and collaborators for redefining and revamping the brand...



To each 1TG staff for their dedication and overtime (no joke), and to all other awesome people, animals and NGOs that we don't have enough space to list here but will definitely stay in touch with in 2020!


Happy New Year, guys. You rock.