If you've ever visited our About Us page, you'll see that the OneTigris mission is to "empower you with motivation and affordable quality gear that helps you to do more and go further."


Every year, we allocate surplus gear to be donated to service dog training organizations, animal rescue groups, and many other NGOs around the world, consisted of amazing souls that help to make this world brighter and lighter. When some of our customers reach out to return products that don't fit or colors that don't match their preferences, we ask them to instead send the gear to one of the many organizations that we have this donation arrangement with. The harnesses and dog packs are gifted to pet dog, service dogs and working dogs; the airsoft gear is gifted to airsofters and used as door prizes, raffle items and staff gifts; the EDC gear helps man and animal both to gear up more efficiently and to carry more responsibilities.



We'd like to take a moment to thank these groups of people who contribute their time, effort, knowledge, and even their own wages and savings to help others. See if you can recognize any of our friends on this list:




  • - One Tail at a Time, Illinois
  • - Victory Service Dogs, Colorado
  • - Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, Virginia
  • - Spectrum Health Police K9 Team, Michigan
  • - Travis Mills Foundation, Maine
  • - Rebel Dogs Detroit, Michigan
  • - Protection 4 Paws, Pennsylvania
  • - North Central Newfoundland Club, Illinois
  • - United Schutzhund Club of Houston, Texas
  • - New Jersey Enlisted Association, New Jersey
  • - Caring Hearts for Canines, North Carolina
  • - Tails of Hope, New Jersey
  • - The Driven Dog, California
  • - Doodlebug Dog Ranch, Florida
  • - DFW Canines for Veterans, Texas
  • - Veteran Service Dogs, Michigan
  • - Fisher House Foundation, Ohio
  • - Cumberland County Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania
  • - The Great Dane Club of Maryland, Maryland
  • - Melba Fire Department, Idaho
  • - Colorado Beagle Rescue, Colorado
  • - MWDTSA, West Virginia
  • - Florida Alliance of SAR K-9, Florida
  • - Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, Virginia
  • - K9's for Veterans, Illinois 
  • - Canine Services Training Center, Florida 
  • - B&B Bernedoodles, New Jersey 
  • - Vetwod, Ohio
  • - LoneStar Malinois, Texas
  • - University of Minnesota Duluth Ride Club, Minnesota
  • - Henry County Fair Dog Show, Missouri
  • - Carolina Helping Paws Rescue, South Carolina
  • - White Oak EMS Search & Rescue, Pennsylvania




  • - RSPCA Solent Branch, Hampshire, Fareham, England
  • - RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre, AylesburyBuckinghamshire, England
  • - RSPCA Oxfordshire, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
  • - Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London, England
  • - Service Dogs UK, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England 
  • - Last Chance Animal Rescue, Edenbridge, Kent, England 
  • - Keighley Volunteer Centre, Keighley, West Yorkshire, England 
  • - HIVE Bradford, Shipley, West Yorkshire, England 
  • - Blind Dog Rescue UK, Saine Anne, Guernsey
  • - Lomond Flyball Club, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland




  • - Wild Rose Assistance Dogs, Alberta
  • - Women That Hunt, Nova Scotia
  • - Nova Scotia Bushcraft, Nova Scotia
  • - Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, Ontario
  • - SPCA Alberta, Alberta
  • - SPCA British Columbia, British Columbia



  • - Happy Tails Brasov (shipping address in Bavaria, Germany)



  • - Airsoft Alliance Belgium, Limburg, Belgium




One other achievement of this past year is the release of the BEAST MOJO, a tactical harness for small and medium sized dogs. We know that service dogs are not always golden retrivers and labs, that there are also smaller canine companions to provide mental support for their handlers, so the release of the BEAST MOJO was not only welcomed by our friends and users, it was a mission we'd been wanting to complete for a long time. Here's a excerpt from the review by MCS Dog Training based in York, Pennsylvania, on how the harness functions: 


"When we got Duffy, the Patterdale Terrier, and decided that we were going to use him as a Therapy Dog, I didn’t think I would be able to find a cool vest for him because of his small size. I was excited when I went looking and realized that Onetigris had come out with the Beast Mojo Tactical Dog Harness for small and medium dogs.



"The two primary reasons for your dog wearing a vest/harness are for identification and load bearing. In Odin’s and Duffy’s case as working dogs, it is primarily for identification. It helps for people to easily identify if they are a pet or a working dog. Load bearing is accomplished by attaching MOLLE or Velcro backed pouches to hold various items like poop bags, water, treats, and first aid gear. There is a third use and it is here that we need to explain the deviation between what people commonly think of when you say dog harness and what a tactical type dog harness is. Professionally, we don’t encourage the use of regular dog harnesses because they only give dogs more power to pull. However, military type dog harnesses have either front or rear attachment points and sometimes both. They are used not so much to control dogs as they are used on trained dogs for tracking work.



"Typically, military/police style harnesses and vests have one or more grab handles on the back of the vest. Originally meant for close quarters control fo the working dog, they have now been heavily adopted for use with service dogs to aid in mobility work. The Mojo has one on the back so you can carry your dog like a suitcase. You can see Duffy is very relaxed, comfortable, and supported. This is great for a service dog since it allows him to be easily put on the laps of people in wheelchairs and beds." 


Editor's note: We advise against using any harness to lift your dog up in the air as they are not designed to bear weight and could cause discomfort for the dog.



"The Velcro panels are great for identification or morale patches. My favorite feature of the Mojo that was not on Odin’s vest was the addition of webbing keepers. Odin was so small at the time that I had to cut off some of the webbing after adjustment. With the Mojo, that is a non issue because of the webbing keepers at the end of the webbing. These allow you to roll up and secure the excess webbing.



"After some “field” use, I will do an update. But, I already know from experience the only thing that is going to happen is the harness will get dirty. Onetigris gear is made for hard use. If you are looking for a vest/harness for your dog and hate replacing junk, check out Onetigris. They have a harness to suit your needs."