SHTF preparations

User Golgo13 From survivalistboards forum shared his experience when SHTF hit his country. He said everything was falling apart. He escaped his hometown, travelled city to city with his father because of the massive chaos that happened to his country. When they got to their new destination, trying to start a new life, the situation wasn’t what they expected. War was still coming their way. Once more they needed to run away as far as possible. They finally end up as refugees in another country. After living this SHTF this is what he said ”This is only a small piece of what I've experienced, and it's still difficult till today to talk about other things I've seen. I hope it gives people a glimpse of what might happen and get inspired to take some precautions.” SHTF – Stuff hits the Fan. It means that some kind of catastrophic event has happened. (Natural disaster, financial collapse, terrorist attack etc) They all can have a major disruptive affect on our lives. Being prepared for any of these events will help you and your family to face this issues and come out on the other end safely and able to handle post disaster situations.

Few reminders for your SHTF preparations

- Put together a 72-Hour Grab-and-Run Every family should have at least one Grab-and-Run kit that can be thrown in the car on a moment’s notice, or carried on your back, if the need should arise. - Formulate a disaster plan whether you will bag in our bug out. When a disaster happen you need to ask yourself are you going to leave your home or not? What are you going to do? Do you know where you’re gonna go and how you’re gonna get there? The fact is that something could happen someday that could cause you to have to leave your home. Plan for it, come out with a plan because you need to assess the situation ,grab your equipment and gather your thoughts before you do anything. Your plan should also include your contacts (relatives, family friends, etc.) and a central meeting place where your family should meet if separated and local communications are cut. In case you decided to bug in,make sure you have all the necessities supply to keep you and your family safe.

Preparations list

Remember the whole key to survive a disaster is a prior planning and practice. Make sure that everyone in your family needs to not only know what to do when a disaster happen but they need to know also under what circumstances they should do what they need to do in order to survive.