Appearance 5/5

I really love it. It looks solid and very versatile, the laser cut molle webbing really makes a great addition to the visual appeal, I play airsoft and find this will be attractive to the more competitive players.



Material 4/5

The material feels very solid its flexible and durable everything I would expect for airsoft or combat gear, what i would like to see different is maybe some different colors and the molle webbing seemed to be a little short by one weave no big deal it made me try to find different ways to mount the attachments I had.



Quality 5/5

I tried it in different ways and test its durability and I really cannot find a complaint. I play mostly outdoors airsoft and it does the job easy to clean off as well with the dirt that gets everywhere.



Functionality 5/5

Functionality is a big player here, you can mount anything to it any way, and even mount it to a back back or a bigger chest rig via the clips, I do have to say i wish it did come with a hook or clip for the lower back support. One thing I also loved was the top pouch where i can put my car keys or more mags.



Use and purposes

1. You can use it for magazine holster
2. You can use it for hand gun holster
3. You can use it for holding various pouches


Credit: @Symmetric Entertainment, 1TG




Finally have time to post my review of the Roc Molle Chest Panel Harness System for you guys! First, i'll say that i really love the system! Having a 'admin panel" without having to wear a full vest is a great idea!


-Offer multiple mounting options (still need to test it with a backpack and my war belt,we finally got snow so i'm planning a snowshoeing hiking soon so i'll continue my testing here)
-Low profile (Can be wore under a jacket without somebody noticing it)
-Straps are wide enough to be confortable and long enough for bigger guys (like me)


-Worst molle webbing ever on a Onetigris product (and i have some!)
-Lack of color (Black is ok but... )
-Stand alone system move up and down when you put heavier items on front panel (probably ok with a belt or backpack)


I'll skip the "pros" explanations since i think it's pretty clear above. I'll talk mainly about the molle system since it's the major issue.

First, i think this panel should be a "laser cut loop system" more than a "molle loop system", Laser cuts are awesome for passing items or straps into loop and would keep the panel more "low profile" (because when you put heavy items/pouches on the panel the "loop" seems to "expand" and make the pouch/item pending on the panel... The molle loops are the worst part... the loop are so tight i had hard time passing straps it it, there's is a gap between the stitches and the edge of the molle loop and when you try to install pouch/items with pocket clip, it's keep stucking in this section... I had to install the strap with a pair of pliers and a mini prybar to "expand" the molle loop enough to clear a way for the strap. The only con i have with the strap is the end of strap (where the strap touch the panel) is always over/under on the panel. you have to replace it everytime you move too much, the "tab' don't stay under the panel and its kinda annoying.


The Panel outside the bag, laying flat on the table, we can see the multiple installation options via D Rings.


The panel wore alone, without any items/pouch. It's very low profile and the height you wear the panel is perfect.


I have made 3 little quick setup to give you an idea of the versatility of this system.


Setup 1: "EDC or Outdoor Low Profile" setup

-Folding Knife
-Small Fixed Blade knife


Setup 2: "Hiking, Firstaid and Comm" setup

-Radio (in pouch)
-Multitool (In pouch)
-Folding knife
-First aid kit
-Ferro Rod


Setup 3: "BugOut" setup

-Small fixed blade knife
-3 AR15 (30 rounds) mags (in a Onetigris triple mag laser cut pouch panel)
-Admin Pouch (lots of stuff inside)
-Folding knife
-Radio (in pouch)
-Multitool (in pouch)
-Ferro rod (in pouch)


Overall, this panel is great and i really like his versatility. The major issue was the molle webbing beeing hard to deal with. Once your setup is done, it's great! I'm pretty sure it would be better with the panel being a laser cut system. Actually, i wish my "triple mag panel" would come with the same style of hanging points than the Roc Panel. It would be a great option for everyone who don't want to wear a complete vest/plate carrier and love to have more mobility on the battelfield.

I'll give it a good 7/10, it's not perfect, but i works well enough to be used a lot. With some changes (mostly the molle webbing) it could become one of best "lightweight platform" out there. I will need to test it with my war belt to see if the snap button will be strong enough to hold the belt ( i think buckles or velcro would be stronger).

Credit: @Heimdall82, 1TG