I have it malice clipped to the back of my IFAK, and I use the carry handle to carry both, it’s awesome. So I’ve seen the maxpedition and Vanquest version of this style pouch, I definitely prefer this one to those..

Credit: @Wastelandsoldier1776, 1TG


Ten days into working with this pack. So far it is exceeding expectations. Initially I didn't stuff it full with gear. I was hesitant to put too much pull against the elastic bands on the interior...but found them to be giving and we'll stitched. Here are a couple of pictures from day one. Just getting started with use.


For the first ten days this was attached to a plate carrier. Tossed in and out of the trunk and interior of a vehicle with the weight of the plates on it. Still looks and feels new. Haven't seen any damage or wear as of yet. I'll be attaching it to rifle bag to see how it stands up to weight and variance of carry. For my use I believe it will be more like Soldier... Either an EDC floating with me or on the plate carrier.


So far the only draw back was the fact my my back up CAT tourniquet could not be secured inside. I have attached a molle CAT carrier to the exterior for primary and have found the back up can easily float inside without issue.

Credit: @Ofc D.Chappell, 1TG