Firstly a big thank you to onetigris for allowing us the opportunity to test the SGT Patch. Harness.


We extensively tested the harness in a range of environments and situations, from beaches, forests and mountains, in sun, snow and rain.


Additionally the opinions below are our own and we have not received any guidance from onetigris.

I. Pros


Where to start, this is a harness with so many benefits.


Build quality and materials: the harness is really well built with high quality materials making it feel very durable however and very importantly it is also incredibly light weight and breathable due to the mesh backing. This is fantastic for all dogs but in particular double coat breeds that often have to make do with a weighty harness. Not so with the Sgt. Patch which allows lots of space for air to circulate.


Customization: onetigris have effectively made a blank canvas into a harness. 100% of the harness has Velcro covering allowing for full customisation with moral / message patches. This allows for some amazing and completely unique looks. No other doggie will be rocking the same look. Time to get creative .


That massive grab handle: We absolutely love the oversized grab handle. It makes traffic control easy as there is not desperate searching for the handle, you truly cannot miss this handle. Additionally should your doggie find itself in a sticky situation it is easy to grab and pull them to safety. This is probably the best grab handle of any harness on the market.


One oversized fastening clip: there is nothing worse than messing about with a harness trying to work out how it goes on or worse messing about in the cold or with gloves on. Well fear not, the oversized fastening clip makes it super easy to fasten to your pooch. The harness simply goes over doggos head and you then easily clip the harness, due to the large size this is easy in the cold or with gloves on. Genius.


Molle attachments: if the 100% customisation with patches is not enough the harness is also molle compatible allow you to add pouches etc for your k9 fur baby to carry important supplies.


Stainless steel leash ring: Nice big chunky leash ring make connecting the leash easy in any conditions.


Warranty: 1 year warranty.


Colour: I am biased but I think phoebe rocks the jet black colour scheme.

II. Areas of potential refinement/improvement


There are very few areas of improvement to be honest and I am really nitpicking with the following but worth mentioning.


Oversized grab handle: I know what you are thinking, I have just mentioned how much I love this feature above and I truly do however what could make it even better would be a small velcro loop that would allow the grab handle to be held down while the dog is playing or off lead, this would ensure the handle does not get caught on branches or other obstacles which could lead to the dog becoming trapped.


Harness type: This is a chest strap harness meaning there is a strap that runs across the dogs chest much like julius k9. Personally my preference is a y shaped harness like the onetigris fire watcher as it does not impede the dogs movement however while watching Phoebe play there appears to be no impact with this harness


In summary this is a great harness that is allows for great control and complete customisation all with the piece of mind that a lifetime warranty brings.


(Photos attached and video review going on Instagram and YouTube soon)


Credit: @PhoebetheSamoyed

"I absolutely love this vest. I absolutely love this harness. The handle is in a perfect place and height. I do wish it was a bit longer but Tobias just has a long torso. The chest measurement is definitely something that needs to be double checked when purchasing, I believe. I do recommend this vest for handlers that need possible counterbalance or grounding. It is amazing for both of them.


"I feel the chest could be a bit bigger on him. But I do love it. With the size of the chest the belly strap is really close to the arm pits of the dog. The chest fits perfectly on my Shepherd but my Berner is a bit bigger in the chest.


"This is the Look on my Shepherd and then the red marks how high it is in the armpit and then pulls back on his chest. but I still love it. Just figured I would show it."


Credit: @Semicolon_pup, 1TG