We were lucky enough to receive the new onetigris dog sleeping mat which we were super excited about and boy were we right to be excited.


We frequently find when out on our adventures in the wilds of Scotland that our fluffy wee wolf (Phoebe the Samoyed) often has to make do with sleeping on our gear as we cant really drag her weighty bed about which is far from ideal for Phoebe and also us.


Additionally as we stop at some amazing little pubs and inns when moving to our next adventure location the dogs who have been brought along lie on the wooden or tiled floor which is not great for joint care or general comfort.


Then one late Saturday night after a whiskey or two, perhaps three, ok so it was four, dont judge, I had a eureka moment. What we needed was a light weight, durable and comfortable dog bed / mat that we could easy take with us on our travels.


I grabbed my IPAD and like a man possessed started typing up my idea and submitted to our good friends at onetigris.


Waking the next morning slightly groggy but still delighted with this idea, I checked my messages and was amazed to see a response from onetigris advising they had such a product already in the works.


The team over at onetigris was kind enough to send a mat out and we have put it through its paces in rugged Scotland with an excitable Samoyed, a pretty formidable combination (if you can survive Scotland and a Samoyed, you are most definitely built to last, like onetigris products).



The review.


So how do we feel about the onetigris dog bed / mat?

We love it.

What we love?:-




The bed is firstly very lightweight, weighing just shy of 600g making it very easy to carry to the point you do not even notice you have it with you, which is ideal.




Additionally the bed rolls up to a length of around about 30cm long and 15cm wide making it super compact to add to the lightweight .


This is perfect as we are often carrying quite a bit of gear and adding another heavy and awkward sized item would be very off putting however as noted above you could actually forget you are carrying it and it will fit in most backpacks while taking up little room in the boot of your car on attached to a bike.


Once rolled out the bed measures around 3.5 feet long and 2 foot wide making it ideal for small, medium and large dog breeds (terries, samoyeds, husky, collie, German shepherds etc) thus providing a range of dogs with ample room to stretch out or curl up depending on the type of sleeper they are.



The bed / mat when rolled up has two sturdy clips to keep it in its tube shape (these are quick release and are very easy to use even in the cold or with gloves of with again is ideal if you live in a colder climate like Scotland) and onetigris have kindly added a grab handle meaning you can easily carry by hand or clip to other equipment.




The bed contains a polyester filling, we were unable to measure how much however I believe Onetigris states 320g which is more than enough to keep your pooch warm on even the coldest of nights not to mention very comfortable as the filling fits and shapes nicely around the doggo. This is key, as if the filling is poor or there is not a sufficient amount the bed is not comfortable and defeats the purpose of its very existence (that would be bad).


With that said, one big concern for those with northern breeds or double coat breeds (Samoyeds, Husky, Malamute, chows etc) is overheating. Phoebe often spends her time roaming from room to room as she overheats when it hits one below freezing (yes we spend all year round with all of the windows opened, the joys of a snow dog) however despite the generous filling the outer material kept her cool enough.


Outer cover:-


I am not going to pretend, the bed got filthy and wet very quickly with mud, rain and snow all making it their home. I was dubious as to how the bed would stand up to such abuse with a particular concern being the bed soaking through however the bed was completely dry due to the water, grease and scratch resistance cover.


We were able to quickly wipe down the cover and it was good to go once more with no scratches or marks again showing the commitment onetigris has to its gear not only looking good but being built to last.


Additionally you can machine wash the bed and tumble dry for when taking some downtime from adventuring.


Colour :-


The bed is two tone, with a green upper layer and black lower giving it a clean and tactical look.




1 year warranty, giving you peace of mind.


What would make us love it more?


There is very little improvement to be made with this gear. It does what it is designed to do and it does it very, very well.


With that said, if we were going to suggest any improvements they would be as follows:-



Range of sizes and fillings:-


Perhaps smaller mats for the tinier dogs would be ideal again taking up only the space required while XL breeds such as St Bernards, Newfoundlands etc would maybe struggle on this size of mat and would likely find their weight would be too great for the filling to handle. Thus a range of sizes and filling volume tailored to certain size and weight ratios may be of benefit.


One such filling may be a very fine layer of memory foam would help make this mat even comfier and provide further support for joints however this may hinder the portable factor of the bed but may be worth thinking about especially for the large breeds as the size of the dog although important is no more important than consideration for the weight of the dog. An extremely heavy dog will in my opinion not benefit from the same comfort of this mat that a smaller breed would. Therefore offering varying degrees of filling etc may help with this.




The choice of different outer covers would also be great with a host of designs and colors such as a huge onetigris logo. This would allow you to keep on your adventures while another cover is being washed and dried. This would require a zip of Velcro however but would add a nice touch and allow you to swap up the covers keeping the bed fresh and interesting.


Molle compatible:-


Making the mat/bed Molle compatible would also be a nice extra allowing you to attach to your backpack or other gear although I should mention the large grab handle and straps provide ample opportunities to attach to your equipment or simply carry.


Dry Bag:-


Although, water resistant, a dry bag/pocket for the bed may be of benefit to keep it dry when hiking. As mentioned it is very light and compact and therefore will easy go in a backpack if you have space however if you are going to carry externally then a small dry pocket to fit it into would definetly be of benefit meaning it is completely dry the minute you decide to bed down for the night.




We love this bed, the lightweight and portable nature are ideal and it is amazingly comfy, I know as I tried the bed myself only for Phoebe to swiftly move me on. The durable design and easy clean make this a must for not just dog owners that adventure but even those who just like a visit to their local inn or pub giving your K9 companion a comfy and safe area while you enjoy some social time. As we are all aware, joint issues for dogs are a serious matter and this mat/bed may just help to alleviate such issues or prevent existing pain/issues being exasperated (please note I am not vet and this is purely my thoughts on how it could help)


For the price of roughly $23 dollars this item is a bargain and one that your furbaby will surely appreciate,


Verdict:- Phoebe Approved.


Thanks for listening to my ramblings, I hope the above helps in your decision around purchasing this product however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Thanks and stay safe,


Chris, Sarah and Phoebe


IG: @phoebethesamoyed