Hey EDC-ers! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm excited to join this amazing community.

So I just purchased a OneTigris waist pack, essentially a Maxped Proteus clone. I was a little wary, considering I know nothing of the company, and it was coming from China, but I could not be happier with my choice.

I was looking for a waist pack that could be worn multiple ways (waist, shoulder, MOLLE), that could fit what I needed on a daily basis for work and play in as small a package as possible. I was looking seriously at the Proteus, but the price tag kept me at bay. The OneTigris then came across my path, and I figured "Hey...if it sucks, I'm only out 30 bucks". When I got the back in and packed it, all I could say was "HOLY CRAP!!" This sucker can pack it in!

The stitching looks well done, and it feels solid. The 1000d nylon feels sturdy and hearty, like it'll last a good long while. I can't speak to the strength in the field/bush, but for my purposes (work, around town), it'll do just fine. The zippers, while they don't say YKK, feel as such. They glide smoothly along the teeth. It'll take some breaking in to get the shape of the pack just right, but overall I'm impressed by the quality.

The load out I can fit in this thing is ridiculous compared to my expectations.
(certain items removed as I'm at work and currently using them)

Main pocket: iPad Mini in Apple Smart Case, PS Vita in a thin pouch, Moleskine large Volant, Moleskine small journal, checkbook, Word notebook, Kindle, Oakley Bullet eyeglass case.

Front pouch: Anker Astro e5 external battery, lightning cable, micro USB cable, pens, Smith & Wesson pocket knife, mini screwdriver with bits, USB charging block (and still room for more).

Side pockets can fit plenty (i.e. large vape box mod with tank attached, iPhone 6 in slim case). Not as much MOLLE attachments on this as I would have liked, but again...I wanted small. I'll be ordering the bigger size (Sabercat clone) for my pouches to attach. The weight is very minimal, feels very comfortable on the hip loaded out (although I use the carry handle more).


All in all, I can only recommend this pack to anyone looking for a solid waist pack for EDC, but doesn't want to jump in with both feet in the pricey Maxped pool. Honestly the biggest deciding factor for me was the excellent attention paid to customer service. I posted a question on the OneTigris Facebook page, and within minutes had one of the heads of the company friend me and send me a message. He continued to speak with me over a few days, answering any questions I had prior to purchase. Post purchase he continued to thank me for my business, and thanked me for the review I left on the Amazon page. Apparently once a month they choose 2 reviews as the best, and completely refund the price of the purchase. To me, that beats out any other company and they have my business for life.


I get the sense they are a young company, and are still working on products and designs. I'm excited to see what they produce in the future!



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