By Amanda Wilks

Paintball is a sporting activity that was developed in 1981. It involves players eliminating opponents from the play by hitting them with balls that are filled with breakable oil, dye, or gelatin.

The gameplay may be an organized competition that includes professional teams, players, and major tournaments. Some of the primary devices used to play paintball include a marker or gun, ammunition, and gear. With the different styles of markers for the sport, finding the best marker, gear, and ammo can prove daunting.

Beginners, intermediate, and advanced players require gun designs based on their levels of skill. Pricey guns don't always make the best devices for all kinds of players as there are different playing styles. Speed ball players often prefer fast firing models with a rapid fire e-trigger and an auto-cocker, while woodsball players are inclined to use tactical guns. The next discussion highlights useful tips for choosing the devices for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.


There is a wide range of paintball guns to choose from. However, several factors need to be taken into consideration before making a final decision.

New players will look for the best equipment for their money. At the same time, they don't want to break the bank buying pricey markers as they may need to purchase others later on. The marker should be durable without lots of maintenance. When looking for the ideal marker, several factors come into play:


Woodsball game is primarily played in the woods, is asymmetrical, and requires lots of teamwork. Guns that are designed for the play are large and mechanical to provide accuracy and efficiency during extended play times. The Tippmann gun is the most ideal for this kind of game.

Speedball play, on the other hand, is fast-paced and barely extends more than three minutes. As such, this kind of game requires fast guns like the DLX, Planet Eclipse, Dye, and the MacDev.


Dye-branded markers are usually tournament designed and come in flashy colors and designs. They are ideal for beginners as they can shoot more than thirty balls per second to allow ample time and balls for practice.

Intermediate and experienced players should consider the Milsig and Tiberius markers as they assume a military style. They only fire ten balls at a time, thus require more a more polished style of play.


The Eclipse brand is usually very reliable and prices ranges from £ 300-1800, so all kinds of players will find a marker that suits their budget. Dye, Mini GS range, and Axe Pro markers make the best guns for intermediate and advanced player levels.

Beginners will be looking for basic markers that will allow them to learn the sport. They should consider the Spyder MR100 range, which is rather mechanical yet accurate. The Valken SW-1 is also ideal for beginners as it features built-in Picatinny rails for users to add different sights and scopes, barrels, and stocks.


You need to choose reliable ammunition i.e., those that won't break after making a shot as that makes the player more of a target. Different kinds of balls vary, depending on their quality and size. Of course, the type of gun also determines the kind of ammunition you will use. Certain brands work better than others, hence the need to use a barrel bore sizing tool when purchasing the balls.

Recreational ammunitions are cheaper and ideal for beginners while tournament grade balls are pricier and specially designed for advanced player levels. Beginners may garner on low-priced reusable balls because, at this level, they are just learning the sport. Recreational balls have a thick, firm shell and can be used on any marker. They are also more affordable due to their inconsistencies in shape and come in different colors.

Tournament grade ammunitions, on the other hand, tend to have thin shells, hence break quickly and consistently. They have been designed for top-end markers and advanced player levels. The balls are also more reliable and high-quality. Round balls fly in a straight line, but you need to check how firm they are. It is because the balls are biodegradable and absorb moisture when exposed to the environment, making them soft.


The game mask makes an essential gear for players. You want a comfortable mask as you will be wearing it throughout the day. It should also allow enough flow of air without inhibiting your hearing. Long-sleeved t-shirts also come in handy; you may top them off with a hoodie. Some players may opt for jerseys that are specially designed for the sport.

Players should also consider wearing padded garments as they provide additional protection and may be used to substitute an extra layer. Some players may decide to wear ghillie suits as they offer adequate camouflage and are available in sports retail stores. During tournament competitions, players may add vests that hold extra pistols, balls, and grenades.


This comprehensive guide should help any player, whether a beginner, intermediate, or experienced gamer choose the best type of paintball gear, marker, and ammunition. Keep in mind to pick the most comfortable guns and gear; you don't want to run around with items that deter your chances of enjoying the sport.