Optimal Blood Circulation: A hammock will elevate the upper body and allow for better blood circulation to the head. This will also avoid obstructed breathing and congestion.


Better Sleep: A better sleep means a better quality and longevity of life. Hammocks provide zero pressure points to the body as it is completely suspended. Giving you a better sleep.

Stress Reduction: Just relax! Hammocks help you relax faster and better, reducing unnatural stress levels from the body.

Credit to Carlos

Recreational and practical

Adventurous: Owning a hammock forces you to go to cool places you know about, or even find new ones, to hang up! Being adventurous is what hammocking is all about.

Say goodbye to bed making: No blankets/sheets=no bed making=saving time. Need I say more?

Above the safety line: If backpacking ,camping or just napping outside are activities you enjoy, a hammock is your best friend. Being suspended above the ground means you’ll stay away from mud wetness, and ground critters.

Credit to Joel


Pitch it anywhere: Aside from perfectly forming to your body while providing better sleep, you don’t run into the issues you deal with from the ground. Mainly uncomfortable sticks, rocks and unleveled ground.

Space saver: We all love to utilize our storage space and tend to find “under the bed” as a great place. Well, now underneath your bed is 4 feet high of storage space. Go crazy!