(Video Credit: Colin Russell Scottish wild camper)


Once again a highly versatile piece of kit from ROC for bushcrafters and fellow outdoorsmen to get dirty with. Constructed from premium quality #304 stainless steel, laser cut into perfection, this stove can be set up in multiple ways depending on your creativity and preference, and dismantled for easy carry like a folded treasure map. Note that it’s superior to ones seen on the market that are small, cheap, and rust easily, and this one has a nylon case to keep it protected when not in use. Use the ROCUBOID as a wood, alcohol or fuel tablet stove, windshield, Finnish/Swedish torch, or pair it up with a hanging camping pot turned to an outdoor oven. It’s a simple yet solid design that only takes a minute to set up. Get the ROCUBOID and get creative.



| Premium #304 stainless steel construction of durability and high resistance to corrosion and rust

A plethora of ways to use for setting up as a wood/alcohol/fuel tablet stove, windshield, Swedish torch and so on

Can be used with a hanging camping pot as outdoor oven kit for baking bread and other delicacies

Weighs merely 18oz (511g) and packs up small (6”*6.5”*0.5”)

Can be dismantled into separate pieces and stacked up for easy storage and efficient carry