Size: Medium

Color: Black

Thank you so much for letting us test this harness out! We absolutely LOVED it! I have such a hard time fitting things to my dog, but this contoured to his deep but narrow chest perfectly! He was very comfortable in the harness, and I enjoyed the thought that it seems to be made of the usual heavy-duty, never-going-to-rip OneTigris material. It never seemed to get too hot or too cold for him, which was great. The black color matched all of our other black OneTigris items, so that was also good. The patch space on the sides was perfect, and the molle was convenient for our tactical items. The handle being across the top of the harness like it is is also super helpful! I really like that design. The d-rings on the back and the front of the harness felt sturdy and I was super happy with how nice they looked compared to plastic clips. The little velcro spot on the front was fun as well for morale patches, too.

One of my favorite features was the fact that the two harness pieces came apart easily and completely so that people with dogs who may struggle with gear can have a MUCH easier time getting this harness on their pup. We personally don't have an issue with this, but it does take less time to clip it on and off since we can just attach one clip to keep it together and put it one and clip the other four clips, or slip it on with two clips, or whatever works in the moment. It's so nice.

The only thing I would say was a bit of a negative was the bungee cord in the back being over the patch space. It did mean any patches that were put on and maybe got stuck a bit would be ripped off by the bungee moving. But, it rarely would happen if you're using large enough patches and are careful to put them under the bungee.

Overall, we REALLY enjoyed testing this harness out and I'm super excited for our video review to come out!

Credit: @arlotheservicedog, 1TG

Size: Medium

Color: Coyote Brown

We want to thank OneTigris for giving us a chance to try their products. The harness material is heavy duty. Color is true coyote brown. The inside mesh lining is well made and well thought of to keep dogs cooler. Superb stitching, no loose threads. We especially like the stainless steel D-rings which are heavy duty to prevent breaking when a dog tries to pull and the handle at the back of the harness. Adequate space for patches and pouches. The buckles are heavy duty and well made but a little bit hard to unbuckle.

We tried it on both of our dogs, 60lbs and 40lbs. The harness fits both of them with a little adjusting on the smaller pup. Easy to put on, like putting on a shirt. Both dogs are comfortable walking around with the harness on. Does not chafe around the dog’s armpit. Overall this harness is awesome. 5/5. One of the best harnesses we had. Will definitely get another one for our other dog!

Credit: @chariz, 1TG