"Here is our gear review. I really love this harness and so does Ozzy. It fits him very well and I love how light weighted it is. It's easy to put on and off. I had no issues with this harness. Thank you for letting us gear test for you! It means a lot and I love your company so much."

Credit: @Ozzytheservicedog, 1TG

We received the harness promptly, considering the circumstances, and got to testing right away. We're a service dog team, but since most businesses in our area are still closed, it was difficult to test this while working, but we figured this might be used more for walking outside anyway, so we tested it that way. We walk in the early to late evenings, and we live out in the country, so the biggest deal for us was making sure it was visible and heavy-duty, and easily cleaned. I really liked the Velcro and reflective strips, as we walk at night a lot and they're helpful to be able to still see my dog and for cars to see him too. It also allowed for patches, which normally would be awesome for Service Dog ones but not in this case necessarily. It was very easy to clean with just a wet rag. We ran it through some pretty heavy dust and dirt, and some mud, and a wet cloth got everything off easily, even after it had dried on well. I was very pleased with the metal hardware, it looked nice and performed well, too. I have no real criticism for this harness! Great for night-walking and forest hikes!

Credit: @arlotheservicedog, 1TG

Hey! So, it's been two weeks since we received the new harness. We were able to test it pretty much everywhere. Sprite used it in the sand, salt water, mud, dirt, grass and some others :D

Beggining with the basics, it's very comfortable as he never complained when wearing it (he can be very picky). It's easily washable and it dries fast as well, without becoming less confortable or changing shape and size.

If possible, I'd only change one thing in this harness. Different dog breeds have diferent body shapes, in this particular case, the chest. Not only it can be larger to the sides (which is easily adapted), but it can also be higher. As so, I'd suggest to put another adjustable strap (maybe the same system as in the front sides) in the lower chest/upper belly. Why so? As the top part of the harness fits perfectly in the back of the dog, the lower part (which passes on his chest and belly) doesnt go all the way to the correct place (as his chest is high) causing the side back straps to stay in the diagonal and upper harness part to get a little "n" shape. With an adjustable strap in the lower part of the harness it would perfectly fit all kinds of dog shapes. As I see it, it would be more confortable for "higher chested" dogs, as the harness would adapt better to their body.

Concluding, this harness was up to our expectations, and Sprite will continue to use on a daily basis.

Finally, we wanted to thank for this great opportunity! We hope it was helpful and you can count with us for further gear test if requested! -Catarina & Sprite

Credit: @catarina.pina, 1TG