1. Newton and Koper

The Dobermann and GSD duo are big stars on Instagram and Facebook, their fierce K9 attire grabbing the attention of many through the amazing photography skills of Joe and his wife, major dog lovers and US Navy hospital corps. This is one proud and beautiful family with a badass tactical style! 

Their 1TG gear (left to right):

HUNTERZ Water Bottle HolsterPOWER ROCKET K9 Harness, Double Dog Bowl, Mini Dog Poop Bag Pouch, Canine EDC PouchFIRE WATCHER K9 Harness


Photo credit: @newton.and.koper



2. Denali and Pups of Global Conservation Force

Global Conservaton Force (GCF in short) is an international environmental organization focused on protecting endangered species and preventing harmful poaching. 

GCF believes that education is the key to environmental protection, and they work with local and international communities to pursue success in its missions. Denali and her pups are key members of the anti poaching units that will help to win this battle against wildlife trafficking.


Their 1TG Gear:

MAD HOUND K9 HarnessBLACK RHINO K9 Harness, BEAST MOJO Small Dog Harness.


Photo credit: Global Conservation Force



2. CRW Hercules

Hercules is a 1.5-year-old Border Collie trained specifically to chase off the wildlife from the runway at Yeager Airport to keep passengers safe. He is also a therapy dog that offers comfort to those in need at the airport, as well as a local celebrity that all staff and passengers adore. 


His 1TG gear: 

FIRE WATCHER K9 Harness, APOLLO 09 Tactical Harness.


Photo credit: @CRW Hercules




3. Flyaway Hoop and Flyaway Greg

Hoop and Greg are also wildlife K9s dedicated to the mission! They're owned and trained by Rebecca from Flyaway Geese, one of the industry’s leaders in providing professional bird management and geese solutions through humane, PETA approved solutions to a specific environmental niche.


Their 1TG gear (left to right): 

FIRE WATCHER K9 Harness, APOLLO 09 Tactical Harness


Photo credit: @Flyawaygeese




4. Bas of The Dog Coach

Bas is one of leaders of the pack at Clint Lothrop, a.k.a The Dog Coach, a talented and highly experienced trainer in Alabama. His motto is, "Changing the world a dog and their human at a time." and he does just that, helping owners to connect with their pets by behavior corrections, methodical trainings, much love and understanding. 


His 1TG gear: 

POWER ROCKET K9 Harness, SUBMARINER K9 Harness, Dog Collar 02.


Media credit: The Dog Coach