What: Commander of the group that plans the team strategy and assign tasks to other members of the group.

How many: 1 and sometimes with 1 assistant to help lead the team.


What: The players with speed that are quick to reach the objective or quick to take cover when in danger.

How many: 2


What: Ones with heavy armor and heavy weapons to offer protection for the rest of the team to move forward.

How many: 1 to 2


hat: The sniper stays hidden in the back to take down the enemy and VIPs. It requires more accuracy and less speed.

How many: 1 to 2


What: An important role in the team that provides long-range fires when moving with riflemen and the others.

How many: 1-2


What: A rifleman with a grenade launcher that fires large amounts of BB pellets for the effects of a grenade.

How many: 1


What: To revive downed players. Medics are more often seen in bigger scaled, professional games.

How many: 1


What: Also stays hidden but is mobile and moves to gather information on the enemies. Scouts need to be fast to kill or to hide when the enemy is near.

How many: 1


Airsoft Q&A with @WhispTech at 1TG

  • • What's the difference between "designated marksman" and "sniper"?
    → Designated markman usually is a rifleman but the rifle is setup a bit different and will have like a 4x magnification sight ike an elcan spectre or an 4x acog. They are advanced marksmen that lay down accurate quick fire on a location. They are not quite a sniper.
  • • How exactly does a "grenadier" work in simulated war games?
    → Grenadier is a term I don't see much. Pretty much just a rifleman with a 40mm grenade launcher either attached to rifle or the individual ones held.
  • • What is a "recon"?
    → Recon individuals have to be quick sometimes as well and why they wear light gear. Recon actually usually go out and gather information and return. Their job is to map out a location and obtain information for a team that is about to advance.
  • • What is a "scout"?
    → A scout is usually a point man of a squad that is ahead of the group to find and locate enemies and then report back to squad for an engagement.
  • • What is "support"?
    → Support isn't always at the rear and watching the back. They also carry the heavy support weapons for laying down supressive fire for team advancment and manouvers.