Yes, it is absolutely one of the best and the strongest cardiovascular activity which offers you with tons of health benefits for your body including strengthening and muscle toning, improve endurance and boosting your overall stamina. Even opting for a short day hike can boost up your energy levels and this, in turn, will help you get more sleep during night hours.

Hiking in the Mother Nature will also help to lower the chances that you over-think negative experiences as well as emotions. When checked with the medical experts to rate the sleep-promoting activities, hiking banged the first place, leaving behind many other popular sports like callisthenics, squash, downhill skiing, basketball and so on.

You can also reduce your stress levels with active hiking in nature, breathing the fresh air. This is the only way to unplug you from the wi-fi world and connect with the nature to experience peace of mind and a good sense of well-being. Even a short hike can bring you lots of fun and entertainment if planned well.

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Going hiking anytime soon? 

Make sure you've got all the gear you need: Backpack, waterbottle, tarp, flaskhead scarf...