First let's talk about the material: 1000D Nylon. Denier Nylon is a solid and tough material that is highly resistant to abrasions, offering protection for your dog and the harness itself. The POWER TRAIN harness has a mesh interior layer offering breathability while keeping it light and flexible for maximum comfort..

onetigris dog harness

Regarding the number of pouches, as the two on one side weighs around the same as the one on the other, this combination ensures a good balance, which is of great importance when letting your dog carry gear. Owners and handlers are to take extra caution and ensure even weight distribution so the harness doesn't slide or cause discomfort to the dog.

Other harness plus pouch combos
 are also available or you can opt for just the harness and your own choice of pouches/add-ons, and good harnesses to consider are the FIRE WATCHER Dog Harness and the POWER TRAIN K9 Harness.

Why Choose OneTigris POWER TRAIN Dog Harness with pouches?

Because you need a good harness for a good outing with your service dog. Attach extra pouches and gear up with essentials for the day. Next step, add morale patches of your own and give him/her some swag. Now comes the best bit: Let's head out!

onetigris dog hraness

Here's what some of our customers say about the OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness with Pouches:

"I love this vest. I had another vest that my dog trainer gave to me for my service dog, but it was so much carrying all of her things like her potty bags, paper towels for messes, bowl and some treats. This does just the trick as well as the best that they have me it look like a normal every day vest that many people wouldn't take serious. So i had some conflict in the past with my service dog, but with this vest people don't even ask questions. They look at the best and look how well trained she is and keeping on moving. Nor do I have alot of people that want to touch her. Which is great because they are trained no to be distracted and be touched and that the best helps with that. I love it. I do wish there was some where to put the excess straps and the cushion support around there neck wouldn't slide. By far the best I have had for her. Would recommend if you have a lot of issues with your service dog in public places." - Alexis on 13 Feb, 2018
"I kept going back and forth on sizing. I ended up ordering a size Large for my lean-built 65lb 8 month old Africanis pup. It seems to fit him well, I had to tighten the straps down a lot, but that leaves room for growth too. Well made, and looks great. The puches really offset it though if it’s any bit loose and they aren’t perfectly evenly weighted. Overall I really love this harness." - Johanna Taylor on 2 Feb, 2018
"I adopted a humane society pup. I live in South Central Texas. The question of heat doesn't count. You know it is hot or hotter. I wanted my pup to carry his own water and collapsable food/water dish on all outings. Originally I planned on just tying water bottle to a harness. I began looking for a suitable one here on Amazon. I saw this and similiar types. I made myself go over what I wanted harness to be able to do. I wanted ability to hold pouches for water, food dishes, tie out line and a few small miscellanous items. I looked at many harnesses of this type. I kept coming back to this one. In addition to the numerous positive reviews, I liked the fact of included pouches. I had zero problem getting my pup to wear it. I like the way it looks on him. I like the feel of the material and noticed excellent quality of the stitching. My pup has a build similiar to a German Shepard. He is currently on the small end of medium (27 pounds). He is 4 months old with a vet extimate of 50+ pounds. This medium fits him well. No problem adjusting the straps for him. No problem with slipping or sliding. He bounced around in it for 30 minutes. I will have no problem having him carry his own water and items on our walks. Edited 07January 2018: to prevent or minimize slipping side to side make sure strap across front of chest is snug. I had concerns about rear belly strap and a male dog. Let's say that concern has not been materialized!" - Mary on 3 Dec, 2017