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    I grew up in Jiangsu, it’s by the coast, right next to Shanghai, with vast plains and everything else flat. So I used to daydream about being in the mountains. Every day I thought about places I could and wanted to go to. So when I applied for a school I picked one in the most remote place where I could find a not-too-bad school in, and I ended up in Jiangxi that was filled with mountains. The mountains from my dreams. 

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    What makes OneTigris different from other tactical gear brands?

    We tried to name one thing that made us memorable and always there existed something better. It was very stressing, really, to think that all that we've worked for for the past 3 years might have amounted to something people could easily brush aside. It took some time and and a lot of heated discussions for us to come to realize that it wasn't just about us. It was about the people we connected with, the humans around the globe who knew about us and what we did. What makes us different? Why, we're different every single moment of the day.

    The pulse of

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