A classic messenger bag for everyday use, thought this is not your typical messenger. It’s a signature OneTigris sling that features a 3-way-carry, laser-cut MOLLE, multi-pocketed and extra rugged design. If you’re looking for a unique present unlike any other, look no further, your old man’s going to love this. 


AustriAlpin Cobra® buckles are revered by gear users as the world's highest quality safety hardware for military, SAR, fall-stop, para-sport and mountaineering. It exceeds Mil Spec guidelines for dust/sand/salt water as well as CE, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards. Our Cobra® belts also happen to be low-key but style-forward, an ideal quality gift for all. Add a tactical shades (or reading glasses!) holder for the perfect gift combo. 


A practical and style-forward gift set for your old man for a hands free and highly versatile EDC experience. The ARMOR ZERO Horizontal Phone Pouch holds plus sized phones and features a front utility pocket for carrying cash, and can be secured to webbing or a belt, while the SHOT PUT ID Holder is perfect for holding keys and cards.


OneTigris open-top tool holders are, if we may humbly say so, such awesome designs. Why? They’re adjustable to hold tools, torches, and other linear items of different lengths, so you only need one gear holster for multiple jobs. For those who love to stay in the tool shed or garage working on projects, get a DRAGON SNAIL Admin Pouch to complete the set.


The latest additions to our LiFE gear line of tactical everyday gear, this is a stylish and useful gift set for everyday carry. The HUNTERZ Water Bottle Holder is the ultimate minimalistic design with mighty capacity, and the MONZTER Utility MOLLE Pouch is perfect for those who like to stay organized.


If your dad’s a geardo and has a collection of military patches, this is the gift combo he needs. The Flip-Page Patch Book works like a stamp album (if you don’t get it, Google it) for keeping all them patches in order, and the Hook-and-Loop Admin Pouch is a highly handy tool pouch with a loop-surfaced design for slapping on cool patches.



OneTigris MOLLE seatback organizers have been a hit with our fans and friends since 2016. It’s a rugged car seat cover that functions as a tool and pouch holder, looks badass and is incredibly convenient, and it’s the same for our car visor organizers. Do more with efficient gear. Tactical vehicles for one and for all!



If one or more of our MOLLE seatback organizers are already in place (cheers, you’re awesome) check out this cool 3-piece-kit of a loop-backed EDC pouch, headrest cover, and a glass and surface car brush that also functions as a foldable umbrella cover, and complete your tactical vehicle. You’ll have to refer to our product description pages for details, because these products are so multifunctional we don’t have space to list all features in one paragraph!

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