BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness

  • BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness
  • OneTigris MOLLE Small & Medium Sized Dog Vest
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Sku TG-GBX08
Name BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness
Color Coyote Brown
Weight 6.5oz/185g
Material 1000D Nylon, UTX-Duraflex® Buckles



Why Choose OneTigris BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness?

Folks, it’s finally here. A tactical harness for small and medium sized dogs, featuring 4 rows of loop lined webbing for morale patches and MOLLE compatible add-ons, quality UTX-Duraflex® buckles, and a heavy duty grab handle for maneuvering your beast away from trouble! Fancy some beast mojo for your pup? Gear up with this baby, then.

OneTigris BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness

l High strength nylon construction for extra durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance

l Front slip-in design with UTX-Duraflex® quick-release buckles

l Suitable for dogs over 10lb (4.5kg) with adjustable straps to fit different body builds

l Fleece padded front strap to prevent chafing and discomfort

l Heavy duty grab handle with quality UTX-Duraflex® leash ring

l Loop surfaced webbing for morale patches and MOLLE pouches

l Comes with OneTigris signature dog gear logo patch


Material: 1000D Nylon, UTX-Duraflex® Buckles

Neck Girth: 7.8”-17.7”/20cm-45cm 

Chest Girth: 13”-24.8”/34cm-63cm 

Waist/Abdomen Girth: 12”-24.4”/31cm-62cm 

Back Length: 8.6”/22cm

Weight: 6.5oz/185g

Color: Coyote Brown


When loading up pouches for a dog harness or pack, for most dogs, 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading up dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog, or 2.5-3kf for a 25kg dog. Of course, the right amount depends on a number of factors, such as your dog's breed, physical fitness, and energy level.

Package Includes

OneTigris BEAST MOJO Tactical Dog Harness *1

OneTigris Red Logo Patch *1 


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VELCRO LINT - Once a month, use a line roller, duct tape, lint brush, toothbrush, or a tape dispenser's cutter to tape/scrape the fastener clean. Doing this will keep debris from getting excessively embedded, which is more difficult to remove than surface lint. Before placing your gear in the laundry machine, fasten the hook-and-loop fastener together. Spray the hook-and-loop fastener with anti-static spray after washing.

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Customer Reviews

Very well made loved it on him makes him look stronger lol, he’s loving it and we can go hiking now while he carry’s small items on him :) absolutely love the product for the XXS harness.
Sammy is 27 inches long and 25 pound standard.
I love this harness for my French Bulldog. I think I might get OCD and order all three colors I have the Coyote Brown. I love the versatility and how you can personalize it I wanted to give it give stars but could not do it because my only problem is I feel by not being able to clip the leash near my dogs neck when she is being stubborn like most French Bulldogs she difficult to control. Even though I have this issue I will still purchase the other two colors and I will also invest in the small collar that you have available but over all a great product and you have won me over I need to purchase a harness for my German Pincher. I researched other products but I really enjoyed the quality of your product and I am sold. Thank you and I hope you continue to develop products for the small dog market.
david medina
Runs big.
Amazing! My dog is a 9 week old German shepherd/husky and the extra small fits perfect.
My poodle is a badass now.
He’s a new puppy but he will grow into it XS.
We absolutely love this harness. The quality is outstanding and we know it will last for years! I have no fear whatsoever about this harness breaking or becoming worn and ugly at all. We ordered the black harness and it fits our French bulldog like a glove.
Fit my mini dachshund perfectly.
I wasn’t sure if it would fit both my small dogs. So I ordered just one for Oliver, my Dachshund! Turns out it fits them both. So I ordered another one for our corgi mix.
Wish they had one to fit out lab!
Very well made. Fast shipping.
Took my dachshund from cute to bad ass lol
Loved everything about this vest! Pup got used to in in a matter of moments.
Absolutely Top if the line!!!!!.
Good quality build and pretty sturdy. Adjustment is a bit of a pain to get right due to my two pugs being pups. I imagine quite a few adjustments in the future until full grown size.

I love the handle for scooping up the dogs quickly and for placing them in a car etc.

The molle and Velcro are great for morale patches and adding a tactical feel.

There is a massive flaw that i immediately don't like about the set-up of the harness. Depending how future walks go it may even be a show stopper for me using them..... The clip for leash is at the rear of the harness

The rear clip may look and seem practical for fixing and removing the lead for the dog. But in practice when walking an actual living dog in an area other than a hallway or a straight line, it a hazard. As soon as the dog walks off center from the human holding the leash the harness pulls the dog by it rear legs only causing the rear legs to drag sideways and not the upper body. So the front of the dog is not directed by the leash, the dog will be able to change direction at will but its rear legs will be held in place by the leash. If the dog walks out to the side of you the rear of the vest pulls the dog sideways while the front of the dogs tries to walk forwards.

With my two pugs it caused their back legs and hips to twist and often become airborne. This could cause serious injury to the dog if it were to suddenly chase a bird etc. As the dogs front legs and upper body can change direction but it back legs/hips are pulled sideways by the owner/leash trying to gain control.

For me this is made worse as i have two OneTigris "Tactical Dog Training Bungee Leash with Control Handle Quick Release Nylon Leads Ropes". Because of the bungee/elastic in these leads, when the pugs run out to the side the bungee effect pulls their rear legs with great force. On a harness with forward clip, to teach a dog to sit before crossing a road you can just apply pressure to the lead. This harness actually causes the dog rear to lift and be held up, creating the opposite effect to that desired. If the dog ever stops suddenly then you end up pulling the dog backwards by it's rear legs.

Granted for a highly train adult dog this may not be an issue and if you dog doesn't walk on a lead then also probably fine. But our laws here mean a lead must be used, so for an ordinary dog with a mind of it's own that loves to sniff or a puppy in training it could pose a risk of injuring the animal.

The clip on the harness really need to be moved back to the top of the front shoulders so that the center of the dog is controlled not the rear legs.

Not suitable for training a puppy on a leash.
Not suitable for running with a dog who may change directions or stop
Christopher McNair
All you need to do is check out the picture of "Buddy" to get the gist
Daniel Galaviz
Amazing product!!! If you are looking for a dog harness that will secure your dog and not harm them this is the best one out there fit my Cheagle dogs like a glove!!! Ty and great quality and looks bad ass!!!
Lance Lambert
Fit is perfect. Construction is perfect. I love the attention to detail. I am so happy to finally have quality products for smaller dogs.
Vikki Pond
Adding photos to my prior review
I was hesitant at first but the fit was perfect, no regrets!
I'm so glad they finally made these for smaller dogs!
knife nut
Personally owning a Alaskan Klee Kia this fit her perfect. It was a bit stiff at first but after the first wash it was much more comfortable for her. I would highly recommend this to anyone with small dog that are leash resistant to your normal leash. They can't squrim out of this one and it has that great tactical feel to it.
Smokey Da Bear
I took a gamble being told it wasn’t going to fit a 17weeks 6.5 pound chihuahua. Well it actually fit him perfectly. Definitely going to buy a few patches for the vest.
wjoutlaw (arfcom)
Perfect for my minidachshund
Great little vest. Honestly I bought it as a bit of a gimmick, but this thing is pretty awesome. Does it’s job, and does it in style.
My friend loves it on his dog!
Lance Lambert
Fit is perfect. Construction is perfect. I love the attention to detail. I am so happy to finally have quality products for smaller dogs.
It was a perfect fit for my small dog. He prefers the vest to your standard leash and collar, as it doesn’t pull on his neck. I definitely recommend this harness to all dog owners, as this harness is well stitched and reinforced for the squirmmiest of pups. A good training harness for anyone.
Chuck Norris
This is a great looking and well-built vest for smaller dogs. I got the extra small and wish that the straps were just a bit shorter so it fit a little more snug, but it's not too bad. The material is durable and the sewing is quality. I got some patches and a Velcro nametape to finish off the look, and I can't be any happier. I highly recommend, OneTigris makes awesome products!
The vest is well made and fits a wide range of smaller dogs due to ample adjustment range. My Molly now has a molle vest, this fur missile is ready for action!
Eduardo Allende

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