GEAR Test & Evaluation

OneTigris believes that there is always room for improvements. We consider quality control and user satisfaction of highest importance, and this is one of the core values of OneTigris. It is because of this OneTigris provides a certain number of gears for you to test every month.

You are heartily encouraged to apply to be product testers and required to provide us with your feedback afterwards. All constructive comments will go directly to our production department and you will be actively contributing to the team. Help us to improve your outdoor experience.

Only a certain number of gears will need to be tested. This page will be updated monthly and our inbox will be checked every workday. We will reach out once you have been chosen as a suitable candidate.

Please spread the word because we truly believe that your comments will help other outdoor enthusiasts to make the right choice by choosing OneTigris gears.


Best Gear of the Month:

OneTigris Tactical Pouch 11

OneTigris Dog Collar 02

Car Sun Visor Organizer 02


This is how it works:

  • If you are selected, we will contact you ASAP and send a free sample for you to test and to keep.
  • Notify us once you receive the package for testing.
  • After at least 7 days of product usage, please post your reviews on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @OneTigris.
  • Please email us the link of the comments page. 


A briefing video is highly recommended and will be greatly appreciated. In this video you will be explaining main features of the item(s) you've received to our potential customers, explaining to them how to use the item(s) in a practical way and why it’s worth owning it. Please do provide us with your constructive feedback within 10-20 days after the package has been received so that we can quickly get to work!

Please fill out the application form below. Thank you for your time and good efforts.