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“The baddest, most tacticool duo of the Internet."

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"Dont count the days make the days count." #OneTigris

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"It's Monday, I can feel it." What funny expressions does your furry family have?

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"We don’t always have to pee but when we do it’s right after mom packs us up." ❤️

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September, is National Service Dog Month to celebrate and recognize our canine companions for their extraordinary services they do every day for the people they care for. We sincerely honor and appreciate all you do to support mission of changing lives!

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#Gowith1TG "She may look sweet but she's such a crazy puppy."

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"We had fun playing, and Delta had fun running around in the safe zone. Not sure who was more tired after the event

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"Fight for the city, fight for what you love!" #OneTigris

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"This SPARTAN plate carrier kind of won me over. I’ve been a fan of their older laser cut model, but this one is giving it a run for its money. Not a lot to it, super light. Not a bad pick for a build." #OneTigris