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"Tactical pets, ASSEMBLE! Will you join our cool group of tacti-cool pets?“

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#1TGwiki Unused gear straps left dangling to the ground can be a tricky issue for you and your pet, and simply cutting off the unused length leaves little room for adjustment for a growing pup or a different wearer. Dangling straps get tangled in bushes,

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Gear up with K9 outfit and fancy some beast mojo for your pup! #OneTigris

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The best part is looking into your powerful determination eyes. #OneTigris #Team1TG

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Look, our 1TG ambassador Newton rocking his sweetest K9 power with the purfect hooman!

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[Order Shipment Notice] All services will be put on hold during May 1 to May 5 as we celebrate the Labor Day holiday. Order shipments will resume on May 6 in chronological order. We thank you for your patience and understanding! #OneTigris #Team1TG

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I'll will always be by your side

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#Gowith1TG Running around like crazy in that white ice creamy stuff! #OneTigris

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Coming in hawt!

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GLADIATOR Support Harness Version——a sturdy piece of gear forged with rugged nylon, a unique no-slide structure, and much dedication from our K9 gear designer who is a dog lover all the way! #OneTigris

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”The look you get when you tell the ‘kids’ they can’t come.“