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"When it comes to fluffy cuddling, what else might catch my eyes?"

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Cheers! It's finally the weekend! #OneTigris

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Double the trouble, and double the fun.

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"Great experiences are that much better when you share it with someone you love!" ❤️ #OneTigris

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"Hey mom, it's nap time after the obedience training. awww..." #OneTigris

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#Gowith1TG "Pretty sure the point of having a backpack for your dog is so i don’t have to carry it but yet here we are." #OneTigris

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“Ninja cat! Waits for the foolish human to blink...... then strikes!" Congrats to @togorocky! Please DM us for the prize! Thanks for you all join us and share all these creative captions! ***Original post*** #CaptionContest What do you suppose this cat

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Your small dog’s loud and proud, shy and timid, or all of those things at once! #OneTigris

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"We made it! With Nadja by my side, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Appalachian State University with a Bachelors of Science in Special Education Adapted Curriculum."