Works as a Graphic Designer and with Social media.
Been playing Airsoft for 10+ years, has own blog and YouTube channel.

I'm 34 years old.
Live in Denmark.
I have been playing airsoft for 10 years.
I used work for px-denmark as a store manager. I used help Danish armed forces and police in buying the right gear. I also help advice the Danish special forces with some of their gear enquires.
I attend shotshow 2012 with the purpose of looking for new gear for the store.
Now I work for Actionsportgames, one of the biggest airsoft companies in Europe.
I work as a graphical designer and social media.
I have my own blog and you channel.
YouTube and instagram: Kireru Airsoft I play almost every Sunday, and train with my team SCAR Inc. I'm a serious airsoft player that believes in the right mindset and being prepared for all situations in life.