I am the founder of military and survival and the creator of information videos, which includes outdoor survival, bushcraft and more.
As well as my survival training I am a hiker and camper who spends a lot of time in the Brecon beacons as well as a keen hunter that was introduced at an early age by my father who has played a big part in my life.

My military career that has spanned over 12 years, has taken me to some interesting country's where I grew to love the art of survival and bushcraft from learning jungle survival in Kenya and desert survival in one of the hottest points on the globe and spending time in England, Scotland and Wales honing my skills aswell.

During my time in the Army I developed my knowledge of survival skills learning first hand from some of the best bushcraft instructors in the UK.

Along with survival training I spent time in Yorkshire on an escape and evasion exercise that took me over the Pennine way in the winter months.

During my time in the army I have used military and civilian kit from around the world so I know what works.

Antony Parsons