Meet Rosie:

Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This influence on human society has given them the sobriquet, "Man's best friend" Rosie and Ashley live together in United States.Rosie is Ashley‘s trained service dog for over 1 year.The owner,Ashley,suffers from BP I, GAD, and chronic migraines,so she needs a dog by her side like Rosie to help her.They basically go everywhere in the city(galleries,the cinemas, libraries,museums,the supermarkets and go hiking sometime).


Rosie is a great companion to Ashley.Let's see what Ashley says about her life with Rosie. "The biggest change Rosie brings me is confidence. When she's with me, I'm more comfortable handling large groups of people, crowded spaces, and loud noises."Said Ashley.

OneTigris: How old is Rosie?When did you adopt her? Ashley:Rosie will be 2 years old (on August 2nd), and I adopted her from a local shelter with the help of a trainer in April of 2015. O: What was the first impression? A:When I first met Rosie, what stood out for me was her personality. She wasn't just aimlessly excited and happy, she was focused and willing, like she wanted something to do. I hadn't seen this in the other dogs I was looking at, and this was ultimately what made me decide to choose her as my prospect. O:According to your account with the pics and stories you shared, you and Rosie are so in tune,when did you think you and Rosie were actually connected? A:It didn't take long for Rosie and I to bond as a girl and her dog (that was almost immediate), but it took awhile for us to learn to work together effectively as a service dog team. The first time that started to click is when we went through CGC (Canine Good Citizen) training. Our connection is still in progress, but I like to think we become more in tune with each other as time goes on. O:Since you usually go out with Rosie in public places,does people look at you differently?How does that affect you and Rosie? A:I take Rosie pretty much everywhere I go, and we get a lot of looks, stares, and comments, not to mention people wanting to come up and talk to us and pet her. At first, it made me really uncomfortable, but over time, I've learned to ignore most of it. It still gets to me sometimes, though - especially when people are rude. Most of our interactions are positive, though.

O: What would you do if Rosie acts really naughty,even annoying (if she ever had)? A:Just like any service dog, Rosie is not a machine, and she does make mistakes and has "off" days. If she does something wrong, I'll usually just correct her, but if she makes several mistakes or ignores a correction, I'll remove myself from whatever I am, and re-assess and try to figure out if there's something upsetting her, or if I'm doing something wrong. If I still can't figure it out, and she continues having problems, I'll go home and try again another day, because I believe that we have a duty to maintain a good public image for service dogs.


O: What was the most impressive thing Rosie has done for you? A:The most impressive thing Rosie has ever done for me happened very early in her training when I was out at a camp in the woods. I tend to have debilitating panic attacks, and she was just beginning to learn how to alert to these. We were on a group hike at the time when all of a sudden, Rosie started pulling at the leash to go in the opposite direction, back from where we came. I thought she was misbehaving and ignored it, but she pulled even harder until I couldn't ignore her. I followed her, thinking maybe she felt sick, but she brought me back to camp, and immediately leapt into my lap to do DPT (deep pressure therapy) when I sat down to see what was wrong. At that moment, I realized that I was starting to have a very severe panic attack. She was able to tell that I was going to have one, brought me back, and grounded me, all before it even really started. She waited it out with me, and let me go once my breathing normalized. Not bad for a brand new service pup! O: What is the biggest change Rosie/service dog brings you? A: The biggest change Rosie brings me is confidence. When she's with me, I'm more comfortable handling large groups of people, crowded spaces, and loud noises. I can rely on her to look for signs of anxiety, and help me address them before I go into a full-blown panic attack. And, even if I do, I know she'll be there to calm me down. THIS IS WHY SERVICE DOG MATTERS,THEY MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SAFE,AND BRING PEOPLE CONFIDENCE.

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  1. Tony Spear
    I am new to One Tigris and just received my OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches for my Service Dog Lennon. I also ordered OneTigris Compact MOLLE EDC Pouch Tool Belt Pouch Utility Gadget Pouch and OneTigris Mesh Bottom MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch Drawstring 1000D Tactical Hydration Carrier. I love how it looks and how Lennon looks in it (Bad Ass!!!), how practical the application is, the storage space, the MOLLE secure attachment and most importantly how much Lennon loves wearing it. Lennon helped me open the shipping box and as soon as I got it out he wanted to Dress (the command to put it on). First thing I noticed was the craftsmanship of the harness. You can feel how durable the material, stitching, straps, etc. is. The underside of the harness which touches Lennon reminds me of the breathable materials found in a lot in athletic gear. I adjusted the straps so the harness fit like a glove. This part annoyed Lennon only because he wanted to move and test it out. The harness literally form fits Lennon like it was custom made. Once adjustments were done Lennon was off. Not to get hokey but it is like Lennon and the harness are one! The harness does not restrict movement or prevent Lennon from doing anything a service dog and/or dog would do. I was itching to get the pouches and patches on, but Lennon did not want to give it up. He fell asleep in the harness and that's when I took the opportunity to remove and gear up. As cool and functional as it looked before all loaded up it looks tough. I dispersed weight evenly to help prevent shifting. There is so much storage, way more than I'll ever need. The options and applications for the harness are endless especially with the MOLLE customization available. There is also plenty of real-estate for morale patches and any other patches or things you would like to attach with velcro. The harness also has 2 handles 1 at front around dog's neck and 1 in rear around dog's tail. From a safety and operational perspective these handles can be used to pick up the dog balancing the dog's weight to make picking up easier. These handles can also be used to restrain your dog when needed. The handles can also be used to help me get up with the dog's assistance from a seated position. Like I said functionality is virtually endless. I firmly believe you get what you pay for and taking everything into account this harness is definitely worth every penny. A lot of people would be much happier if they took the time to measure their dogs correctly before ordering. I will post some pics of Lennon in the harness. This harness is Service Dog Approved!!!

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