What happened in 2016 — Gear test

2016,what a year,look at how the world is changing.


Love is out there,also adventures.

In OneTigris,we are always encourage people to go outside,embrace the nature,to stay adventurous,in action. We did go to some places in a team,to the beaches,hiking,camping climbing and some of the team concorred a mountain that at a latitude over 5,000 meters.

This was what we did apart from our daily job.

Speaking of jobs,we don't consider our jobs as "jobs". We love our gears and our customers. Some of you might notice that we started the program in the September this year.To those who didn't notice that we run this program please check it.  → Gear Test During these 4 monthes,we have received many applications. It was a pleasure to meet all of you during the 4 monthes. We'd like to expend all the gratitudes here again for your supports.


We've got sweet and most important,honest reviews from the UK:


We've got lovely test feedback in Canada:

We’ve been testing out our new @onetigris gear for over a month now. We received their Tactical K9 Training Vests/Harnesses as well as their new Tactical Nylon Dog Collars with a Handle. ? I am in no way trying to say or portray that Ruby and Prince are service dogs. The tactical training vest/harness comes with this “Service Dog: Training To Be A Soldier” patch. There is room on each side of the vest for one patch which in my opinion is a great addition. Who doesn’t like to customize their dog gear?! We also adore the new collar with the handle. Makes grabbing or getting them close very easy when needed. ? They have held up very nicely despite their constant rough housing and the several times I washed them already thanks to all the mud we had. ? I was blown away by the quality and their customer service. One word: AMAZING. For those of you who weren’t aware we also have their Tactical Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches which we also love! If you scroll down my page you can find pictures of that also. I get a lot of compliments whenever they are wearing their One Tigris gear! ? Go check out @onetigris Instagram page as well as their website at! They have amazing dog gear as well as outdoor gear for humans! . . . #dogs #dog #like4like #doberman #dogsofinstagram #dobelove #dogsofinstaworld #reddoberman #doberman_pinchers #alldoberman #dobermanpride #dobermanpinscher #instadobes #caninenation #barkbox #montreal #dogsofmontreal #montrealdogs #dobelove_feature #weeklyfluff #puppy #love #cute #onetigris #tactical #tacticalgear #bestwoof #topdogphoto #sendadogphoto

Ruby & Prince(@ruby_prince_dobermans)Posts ·

Also we are inspired by our customers and friends,they spread the spirit from generation to generation.


This is not the end,2017, to be continue...


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