The Story Behind the Tactical Seat Cover-everything tactical


Seat cover is not like other regular gears we made so far. It’s all started in a conversation with a customer named Tony.

We were in the middle of a regular conversation, he just asked, which I believe was just a random asking, about cars. He said he would love to put a tactical seat cover on his 1986 Toyota 4 runner.

Then we asked ourselves if making everything “tactical” was a good idea ?

Tactical gears are not about the looks only , it’s more than that. It’s also about the functionality and most importantly the quality of the gears.

There a saying that goes like:’’ where there is a will there's a way.’’

We got that will to improve and become better so our main goal will always be ,to keep on providing high quality gears at reasonable prices so everybody can afford to have one.

Thanks to Tony ,we finally made it by producing our first Tactical seat cover, and there is more to come. Our seat cover is ready for testing and reviewing. We dearly welcome all of you apply ,for more details please click here .

97 TJ 1

08 JK 1











We are totally customer oriented that why we did improve  the quality and design of our gears after listening to your reviews and feedback. Actually this is not our first time to make a product that totally depends on a customer idea.  Check out this one

This is a new cooperation that we decided to put in place, it’s creative and direct. No more barriers between the company and customers.

Our customers might be our product designer, to get involved in the process of a product.

We are proud to announce that now we provide the customize service,a channel between you and our Gear Lab where can make your ideas come true. We accept the customize things you think can be tactical. OneTigris® Gear Lab always at your service.

More details about the Customize Program Please check here.

At the meantime,we are recruiting a part-time designer,check out here. We hope to make your design come true, furthermore,let your ideal gear benefit with other customers of ours.

For more details please contact:  [email protected]

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