Onetigris Dog Hiking Backpack Review

As you can already tell from my blog, I am a outdoor person. I love to drive anywhere and do lots of hiking and swimming.  (See how I almost got my dog drown if not for this best dog life vest).  During my hiking trip with my dog, I love to let it carry a cute but useful hiking dog backpack. My favorite is definitely the Onetigris hiking dog backpack.


Introduction to Onetigris

I swear I was not paid by Onetigris to write this lol (as if I am getting a lot of traffic to warrant such an ad placement). However, I know many might not know about this brand so I thought it will be useful to talk briefly about it. Onetigris is well known for its tactical dog wear that includes its famous tactical dog harness and backpack. These items are mainly used for hunting dogs or dogs that the owners want to take on a hunt or forest trips. Since this is its history, it is no wonder that their hiking dog backpack is of such high quality as well.

onetigris dog backpack

Review of Onetigris dog backpack

So, back to the Onetigris dog backpack.  The first time I fitted the backpack, I was impressed by the adjustments you can make to ensure a proper fit for your dog. On the product description, it stated that the backpack is meant for dogs between 28 to 125 lb dogs, which is a wide range! However, the various straps you can use to adjust the hiking backpack means it does fit into dogs from small to large. So fit wise, the product passed with flying colors.

In terms of quality, the material used seems durable and I was not wrong. I have used this dog backpack in over 50 miles of hiking and it doesn’t disappoint. Whether it is through up or down trails, the backpack didn’t give way. Best of all, it seldom shift during the hiking so it doesn’t make the dog uncomfortable. The seams and zippers were also pretty well done so I am sure it will last for a pretty long time.

One thing to note however is that the top handle is not meant for you to lift the dog while it is wearing the backpack. This was specifically mentioned in the description as the temptation to do so is there. However, it is simply not strong enough to support that kind of weight. One reviewer I read said she almost lost her dog when the top handle snapped during a hike across a running river. To me, this is the fault of the owner as she is using the dog backpack in a way that she is not supposed to.


How to get your dog to wear a backpack

If your dog is not used to wearing anything, it is not a good idea to try the backpack on the day of the hike. You do not want your pet to be uncomfortable during the hike and do something dangerous in order to shake it off. One thing I did was to let my dog wear the backpack weeks before its first wear in a hike. I would put it on her in the house and see her reaction as she goes about her daily routine. I can see she is not totally comfortable on her first try. However, after 3-4 times, she doesn’t seem to notice it is there anymore and that is when I know it is ready to be worn on the real thing.


FAQ about OneTigris hiking dog backpack

How big are the pouches

On average one pouch can hold around 2 regular bottles of drinking water. That is what I have been using them for. It can also hold about 3 12oz can of dog food.


Are the straps adjustable?

Yes they are. This is why this backpack can fit dogs ranging from 28 to 125 lb. However, i would say a dog that weighs about 110 lb is about the max this backpack will be comfortable.


Will it hurt the dog

Of course not or I wouldn’t be using it  The material is soft and would cut into their skin or no worries on that front.



The Onetigris hiking dog backpack is a nice travel gear for your dog. I have used mine for 50 miles of hiking and have no complaints. I think my dog share the same sentiment as well!




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