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OneTigris Waist Pack with Shoulder Strap

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into the wild

Waist Pack 3 Ways Modular with Shoulder Strap Upgraded Version

OneTigris -- Into the Wild

What do we value? Your outdoor experience. This MOLLE system fanny pack is our best selling item and a favorite for many who love its astronomical amount of different compartments, zippered pouches inside and out, and its multi-purpose, 3-way-carry, multicam design. Need a range bag? A tactical man purse? Awesome fanny bag? Butt sized pack for your good ol’ backpack? Look no further this is the one.

OneTigris Waist Pack with Shoulder Strap:

  • 1000D Nylon material and detailed stitching for extra durability
  • >2 liter capacity main compartment, 2 interlayers and 8 zippered pockets inside and out
  • 3-way-carry design: Shoulder strap, waist, and padded top handle. Shoulder strap is removable.
  • Light, soft padded and water resistant, ideal for ranges and casual outings
  • MOLLE system for extra pouches and equipment

1. Heavy duty zippers may jingle when walking; fix or remove at will.

Shipping weight: 1.65lbs/750g
Main compartment: 22*17*10.5cm
Side pockets: 17*10.5*4.5cm (able to hold two M4 magazines)
Top compartment: 18*10*3cm
Front compartment: 18*14*4cm
Waist Belt: 47.2”/120cm
Material: 1000D Nylon

Package Includes
OneTigris Tactical Waist Bag *1
OneTigris Adjustable Shoulder Strap *1


OneTigris is a team of young hearts who loves adventures! It is our passion and the driving force behind the products we sell. We want you to go INTO THE WILD, sense what is out there, allowing your experiences to help you see who you truly are and find a deeper meaning of life. No matter if you like to be wanderlust alone or you want to venture off into the wild with your dog, OneTigris is there to provide you with high quality gears to adapt to every kind of environment.

You can even co-design a harness with our team for your dog! So please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re listening. We stand proud with all our products and never stop looking for ways to improve. Your satisfaction and feedback is our motivation and how we better the team and our products. Help us to help you improve your outdoor experience. Join OneTigris now.

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Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam

12 reviews for Waist Pack 032

  1. 5 out of 5


    I ordered this bag along with another one from ebay. Both same type of bag just a difference in size. I was extremely disappointed when seller of this bag contacted me saying bag would take, what I considered to be an extended amount of time to get to me. I tried canceling but it had already shipped. Rick, their representative was extremely nice on his email and said I would be very pleased with the quality of the bag and that it was worth the wait. I would be very happy once I saw it. He was so genuine I couldn’t even get mad. In the meantime the Ebay bag arrived and I immediately did not like. The quality was horrible and it was HUGE. Right away I started the return process. Then the bag arrived from One Tigris. I can honestly say I opened it, took a peak, literally and closed it back up. Wrote the email to return it. Rick responded very apologetic, showed immense empathy and asked if I would please ship to another customer in California since shipping back to China was not a good option and he would pay for the shipping. I couldn’t even believe he said that! I thought, wow what service. I must admit, at this point I hadn’t even realized they were in China. So I said I would and asked him to send the customers information. The next day he not only sent me the customers information but along with that he had already processed my refund! He had not included the shipping but said as soon as I had a figure he would reimburse me. Now, I got to be honest here.. I was blown away by this gesture. Here’s the funny thing that happened next. Since I had opened the bag, I wanted to repack it the same way I had received it. So I took the bag out and truly looked at it. Well…I fell in love. This bag is everything and then some. The picture does not do it justice. The quality is unreal. Far superior than any other bag of its kind. Sooooo now I wanted to keep it! lol. I sent Rick an email asking if he could rebill me and if it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience with his other customer. His response once again blew me away! He said he was very glad I had changed my mind but he was waiting for the other person to verify it was ok to wait before he would commit to letting me keep it!!! I could not believe how considerate this guy was! Talk about service. In the end it all worked out since I did receive and email from their team leader and he let me know that the customer could wait and in turn they had cancelled the refund and I could keep the bag. I’ve shared this lengthy story to let anyone who’s looking at this bag know: ORDER IT WITH CONFIDENCE. BAG IS GREAT! But SELLER IS BETTER! I’ll be buying more from them!

  2. 5 out of 5


    About 50% larger than the Condor Deployment Bag, and about the same build quality (decent, but not perfect). The main compartment is taller than the Condor bag, allowing you to pack larger, bulkier items. The main compartment has a zippered top-opening flap, which allows greater access than the small straight zip opening on the Condor. Small zippered pouches on the inside keep small items organized My Yaesu FT-817ND w/logbook, T1 tuner, external LiPo battery, end-fed antenna, 10ft coax, misc. connectors, and battery charger fit just fine with a little room to spare, making it a great ham radio Go Bag. Would also make a good range bag to carry pistol, ammo, eye/ear pro, etc. Comes with a removable shoulder strap with cheap feeling plastic connectors. Waist belt does not detach, but has a flush sleeve to stow it in. I wouldn’t want to hike all day with either the waist belt or shoulder strap, but at least you have the option. Zippers are loud and jingle when you shake the bag – nothing a little tape won’t fix. I would expect to need to reinforce some of the stitching, or replace the buckles if subjected to hard use. My background is Airborne Infantry to give you an idea of what I consider “hard use”. All in all, decent bag for the money, and will do great for civilian use as a general purpose, throw around bag.

  3. 5 out of 5


    First off, it is small, pictures make it look small but it is smaller than that, like an old school tape video recorder case. However, it is a million times more sturdy, thick seams and stitching, I’ll hold up to anything. The shoulder strap hooks on snuggly with strong plastic clips, and has enough padding to be comfortable. Also fits around the was it very nicely and securely, so it doesn’t jump up and down when walking with it on, nor while jogging, running – well nothing you can do about it, it moves up and down slightly but definitely won’t come off or slide down.

    Now for a small bag, it does have a lot of room, all organised into nets and compartments so everything can be nearly stored. Tough little bag, ideal day bag, motorcycle riding bag, range bag – good product!

  4. 5 out of 5


    This baby is the best fanny pack/mini tactical bag/man purse l have ever came across.
    I was searching for a tactical carry bag that was close in dimension to the front rack of my Rokon and stumbled across this pack. I cannot believe how many bug out items I was able to put into this thing. It has an astronomical amount of different compartments within. Being made in China initally made me a little leary about buying it, but looking at the pictures it was exactly what I wanted. I figured if it was a piece of crap, I was only out less than 25 bucks. When she came in, I was stunned by the craftsmanship. The material is pretty heavy duty and waterproof, as well as the heavy duty zippers. Being able to carry this thing three different ways (as a waist pack,shouldered,or by the top carry handle) is a real bonus.It has several Molle straps, which fit my extra shotgun slugs on her up here in Montana’s grizzly, cougar, and wolf country. I would have expected this thing to easily cost well over 80 dollars. I am extremely happy with it. In fact, I’m buying another one and stashing it away. I also turned a couple of friends onto it. This baby deserves a 6th star!
    Also, I received it less than a month of ordering, which was a lot sooner than a couple of previous items I’ve ordered before directly from China.

  5. 5 out of 5


    As a former Infantry Officer in the US Army, I can attest to the superb quality and functionality of this item. Rugged and streamlined, pockets and straps are situated appropriately, makes for great shoulder or waist bag. The application for this was for a 2 day Kayaking trip, This meant my Ranger Ruck w frame had to stay home. Things had to be stowed in Kayak cargo compartment. Anything loaded on top of Kayak could make Yak top heavy and more prone to tipping (Winter trip). This molle bag provided quick access to items while yaking downriver. Our expedition leader was quite impressed with this bag and was inquired as to where he could obtain one as well.

    I did a turtle over in the river and this molle bag retained its content and dried quickly and retained its shape. Makes good unique gift for urban hikers or true wilderness buff.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I was shocked at the fashion design. The tan color is amzing. The material was much heavier than my bags and it looked much heavier than other bags in this price range

    I am very pleasantly surprised at its multipurpose, it has 8 pockets in all including two interlayers, which protect my note3 well.I tried to fill up all pockets, there are two left after all small things put in. Solid multipurpose bag.

    The bottom line on this bag is size and if you can read the description. If you only plan to put some tools,water, towels,flashlight,rash guard and goggles along with a few small odds and ends in the end pockets YOU WILL BE FINE. If you expect to use this as a range bag and think you are putting laptop in it along with hammock then you will be disappointed.

    In short,this little bag worth.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I usually buy only USA but the price was great, so i ordered this product and waited and waited, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. that is the ONLY reason for the 4 stars. my wife loves this. i love the multicam. it was hard to find multicam in this case so that is the biggest reason i bought from China, no offense intended, high quality, great price, highly recommended if you cant find “made in USA”

  8. 5 out of 5


    Just like the cell phone holder I purchased from One Tigris, this Tactical Bag is MAGNIFICENT, it holds all my Daily gear perfectly, One Tigris is the BEST.

  9. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this bag as a walking bag, I like to travel light but still have all those items you may need in an emergency. A friend of mine has a snugpack bag which he uses, so I intended to buy something similar, but I saw this bag and thought I’d give it a try, for the price I wasn’t expecting much but when I received this a few days later I was amazed at the build quality. The three zippable front pockets are well sized, the top pocket I have filled with hiking energy bars plus a few odds and ends, this pocket also has a zippable mesh sleeve inside. The front pocket I have crammed a large military issue Shemagh two emergency foil blankets (for me and the dog) and a roll of compressed gorilla tape inside the dividers built in, i was worried about the zippers being poor quality and failing when putting them under stress but so far this hasn’t happened as they seem high quality. the main pocket is deseptivly large, I was suprised to find that I could easily fit a 1 litre gsi steel jug and nested mug in there with plenty of room left over, I have also put a beko lapland saw in that pocket and a few other large items, the two side pockets are large enough for a few first aid things and the usual car keys phone and torch. The bag comes with a waist belt which I have never used, since the shoulder strap is so useful. There is molle all around the bag which is great for adding those little items in there own sheaths. When I go on long weekend camping trips I usually attach this on to the front of my large rucksack with the molle straps on the back of this bag and have never worried about it falling off. The only negative thing i found about this bag was the metal zipper pulls, I found they made a lot of noise when I was walking through the woods, so when I got home from my first trip out I imediatly cut them off and used a bit of paracord for zipper pulls.
    I have had bought maxpediton gear before believing that nothing could be close to that quality without having their price, after buying this bag I’ve had to rethink some of my purchases, I will be buying more onetigris gear in the future it’s so good and so inexpensive it really makes sense!

  10. 5 out of 5


    The bag is of good quality and I didn’t see any loose threats or poor stitching.
    Might just be my bag but mine didn’t have any plastic smell so that was a plus.
    The foam padded handle is cross stitched and very comfortable.
    lining inside the main compartment and waist belt isn’t very thick but shows quality.
    The pals strap and button at the back looked uncomfortable against my back but I didn’t feel a thing, only a long hike will settle this one.
    Zipper is not double stitched and WILL come apart after some use. After a week mine is already showing sign of tearing.

    Comes in a plastic ziplock bag very nice and might be useful for documents.

    Very minor things I didn’t like.
    I wish the zip for the main compartment goes as far down as on the Sabercat.
    The quick release buckles were’t very smooth in clip and release, it might improve with use but I doubt it.

    It looks a little small out of the bag but once filled it grows to about the same size and probably the same internal capacity as a Mountainsmith Tour TLS pack.
    Ultimately the Tour TLS can carry more because of the water pouch in place of the side compartments and a lot more comfortable.

  11. 4 out of 5


    What a great buy, tons of room great stiching. A little disappointed at the position of the waist belt. It tends to tip backwards when full due to the belt being at the bottom of the pack. I think it should be as close to the top as possible. Other than that love this bag. Anybody else have the same issue?

  12. 5 out of 5


    Just got the bag from Amazon only 4 left when i ordered!!! Amazing bag!!! love it! Quality is high and bag is great on my Molle vest!!!

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