OneTigris Tatical Shotgun Scabbard 29inch Molle Protective Shotgun Case w/ Shoulder Sling Remington 870 Mossberg and Winchester

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Product Description

OneTigris Tatical Shotgun Scabbard 29inch Molle Protective Shotgun Case w/ Shoulder Sling Remington 870 Mossberg and Winchester

  • Original design by the customer of OneTigris, based on practical use. Keep your weapon protected and at the ready
  • The 29-inch long scabbard is designed to hold the Remington 870 with an 18 inch barrel and will also fit similar sized Benelli, Mossberg and Winchester shotguns. When properly fitted, the trigger should not be exposed
  • Mount to your ruck and plate carrier by Molle stystem or sling it across your back with the adjustable removable shoulder sling
  • Padded material protects your gun from knocks and dings;Constructed of water and abrasion resistant light-weight 1000-Denier nylon fabric
  • One outter zipper compartment for storing accessories; Grommet for drainage


OneTigris Remind
This scabbard is intended for transporting a weapon, and the chamber should be empty when used with this scabbard. Do no insert, transport, or carry a gun with a loaded chamber in the scabbard
This scabbard is not intended as a long term storage device and does not include any locking or other security mechanisms.
Please practice responsible gun handling and observe all safety rules
Not for all kinds of shotguns,please check the measurement before order

About OneTigris
OneTigris is a company that loves adventure! It is our passion and the driving force behind the products we sell. We want you, our friend and customer, to have the best possible experience with your purchase. We stand behind our products and listen to our customer's feedback and even make changes to our product to better fit your needs. We love the outdoors and want to share that passion with you. Take us with you on your next adventure and you'll see why OneTigris is the great choice for your Everyday Adventure Gear.

Technical Information
Main compartment is approx 29" x 7 1/2",thick padded, with drainage grommet
Front compartment is approx 28" x 5 1/2" with dual zipper closure
Item Measures: 29" x 7 1/2" x 2"
Material: Water and abrasion resistant light-weight 1000-Denier nylon fabric
Attachment 1: Shoulder strap
Attachment 2: MOLLE straps on back

Package Content
1x OneTigris Tactical Shotgun Scabbard
1x Shoulder Strap

Additional Information


Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green

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  1. 5 out of 5


    While this scabbard is clearly designed for a tactical shotgun with a handgrip, I tried it out on one of my shorter personal-defense shotguns with a traditional grip. As you can see in my video, my 39″ shotgun ended up hanging out of the scabbard a few more inches than the one pictured. Because my shotgun also has a more traditional grip, not the handgrip, my gun had a bit more room to move around inside the scabbard than one with a handgrip would.

    Overall, I think this is a really nice scabbard with a lot of options. It’s well made and tough, which is the first thing I look for in equipment of this kind. The main thing this scabbard has going for it is all the MOLLE attachment options on the back side. You could attach the scabbard to another bag, for instance, or hang additional ammo pouches or even handguns off the case itself.

    Perhaps because the shotgun I tried out in this case is a little longer, I found it riding around a bit and a bit top heavy when worn on my back. This is to say that I wouldn’t want to take a 10 mile hike through the woods carrying this scabbard. However, it would be great for trips to the range or for slipping the shotgun behind the seat of your truck while allowing easy access.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Highly recommend this for anything with the application of a firearm, its reinforced in the places you expect and more, I use mine as a arrow holder for my bow and its great to put on molle attachments.

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