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OneTigris Tactical Mechanical Stopwatch


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into the wild

Mechanical Stopwatch Timer Analog Stopwatch Chronometer

Mechanical Stopwatch:
-A simple mechanical wind-up stopwatch, does not need batteries, and easy to read dial
-Quick action for Starts Stops and Returns to Zero by consecutive crown depressions
-Analog stopwatch accurately measures spans of time, time is accurate to 0.2 seconds
30 min / 60 sec, and 12 hours sequential running
-Gift box included, no print on the back so you can have it engraved as a gift.(If you need this fine stopwatch as team present or souvenir
-We will do the engravment for free by any order of 50 and test carefully one after one before shippment)

OneTigris-Into the Wild

OneTigris is a company that loves adventure! It is our passion and the driving force behind the products we sell. We want you, our friend to have the best possible experience with your purchase. Take us with you on your next adventure and you'll see why OneTigris is the best choice for your everyday adventure Gear.

Please do not wind up too much, only sereval rounds can last long

* 1/10 second recorder
* 60 seconds
* 30 minutes
* 12h sequential running
* Size: 64x53x13mm
* Unit Weight:90g

Package Contents:
Mechanical Stopwatch Timer ×1
English Manual ×1
Blue Gift Box ×1

OneTigris Mechanical Stopwatch


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