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Full Length Hammock Under-quilt

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Do You Camp on the Ground or in a Hammock?

"OneTigris Hammock Under-quilt has found a permanent place in my kit."

In the good old days we camped on the ground with a cheery bonfire going. Now things have changed, and we carry the sentiment in the air! You're going to have a completely new experience with the hammock under-quilt, and you won't get enough of it.

The 3 Seasons Under-quilt is ideal for temperatures ranging from 40°F to 68°F and the Winter Under-quilt is ideal for 10°F to 21°F. It's shaped perfectly to fit a hanging hammock, made of high quality materials that shields you from the wind and keeps you warmly cocooned. It's also lightweight and shrinks to a small size to fit in any rucksack. Keep the cold off your back with this awesome piece of gear.

OneTigris Full Length Hammock Under-quilt

Full Length Hammock Under-quilt:

  • Premium materials of SEE® Polyester Filling, 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with a DWR coating and 300T Polyester Pongee Lining
  • Designed to fit snugly to the outside of all standard sized hammocks keeping you warm and toasty in chilly temperatures
  • Inner material is polyester insulation with a reflective coating for retaining heat; outer layer is Ripstop Nylon that is tough & windproof
  • Short bungee cord loops for an easy and cozy fix to your hammock
  • Lightweight, high quality, easy to pack & store


3 Seasons Under-quilt (Hammock Under-quilt 01)
Weight: 26 oz/737g
Suitable temperatures: 40°F to 68°F
Compressed size: 13"*8"/33cm*20.3cm
Unfolded size: 9'(L) *4' (W)/2.7m (L)*1.2m (W)
Inner material: 670g of SEE® Polyester Filling
Outer materials: Windproof Ripstop Nylon and DWR coating

Winter Under-quilt (Hammock Under-quilt 01+)
Weight: 42oz/1.19kg
Suitable temperatures: 10°F to 21°F
Compressed Size: 14" (L)*9" (H)/35.5cm (H) *22.8cm (L)
Unfolded size: 9'(L) *4' (W)/2.7m (L)*1.2m (W)
Internal Filling: 850g of SEE® Polyester
Outer materials: Windproof Ripstop Nylon and DWR coating

Package Includes
3 Seasons Hammock Under-quilt *1
Nylon stuff sack *1

Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt
Full Length Hammock Under-quilt


OneTigris is a team of young hearts who loves adventures! It is our passion and the driving force behind the products we sell. We want you to go INTO THE WILD, sense what is out there, allowing your experiences to help you see who you truly are and find a deeper meaning of life. No matter if you like to be wanderlust alone or you want to venture off into the wild with your dog, OneTigris is there to provide you with high quality gears to adapt to every kind of environment.

You can even co-design a harness with our team for your dog! So please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re listening. We stand proud with all our products and never stop looking for ways to improve. Your satisfaction and feedback is our motivation and how we better the team and our products. Help us to help you improve your outdoor experience. Join OneTigris now.

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3 season underquilt, winter underquilt

4 reviews for Under-quilt 01/01+

  1. 5 out of 5


    What an awesome product this is – I would like to thank One Tigris for sending me one of these to try out and review.

    First of all, design and shape is great, freed from it’s stuff sack this 770g green banana quilt looks the business. It’s shaped perfectly to snugly match a hanging hammock so that a good warm air cushion is retained helping ensure a good warm nights sleep. The out material is a pleasing ripstop nylon which should help with a bit of wind proofing and the inner is a brushed nylon that just feels warm to touch. The inner is a layer of primaloft insultaion as well as a reflective layer to keep more heat in.

    The shape combined with short bungee cord loops at each end make adding this to your hammock a really simple task. The central seam is split at each end to either allow it to spread out a bit more, or possibly the intention is for the bunched ends of your hammock to be fed through these. I wasn’t completely sure on this and maybe a single A5 sheet with a couple of diagrams could help those of us that don’t live in the outdoors every day know what we are doing! Either way, clipping the bungee loops into your main hamock suspension system makes this fit a One Tigris hammock like a glove.

    As I’ve been suffering from a bad cold and Christmas is looming, freetime to get out into the woods is at a greater premium for me right now than normal, but I really really wanted to try this out. So I slept in our unheated conservatory on the day I got it – best nights sleep ever! I had a thermometer outside and my watch temperature for inside to see how things faired. The underblanket is rated down to 5 degrees centigrade and that night the conservatory temperature dropped to 7 degrees. Inside my hammock I was almost too warm with my watch showing 33 degrees!

    I will need to set up a youtube account and make a video of this as it’s hard to get it over in words just how good this product is. I’m due to take a group of older cub scouts camping in April (9-10 year olds) and I know they really want to try hammocks – with a good 3 season sleeping abg and one of these each, they will be truly snug as bugs in rugs! All I can say is buy one, you won’t regret it – get a hammock as well if you haven’t!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have recently purchased this underquilt, and can honestly say it’s brilliant. not only does it keep the cold off your back, it’s light weight and the compression deck slows you to shrink it down to a very decent size which allows you to fit it in your rucksack with lots of room to spare (this all depends on the size of the rucksack that is). At a great price of just $56 it’s a list have piece of kit and I will be doing a YouTube review on this item very soon so if interested check it out at just outdoors. Thanks onetigris for such a terrific product. 5 starts.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The One tigris 3 season under quilt I found to be an excellent purchase. My hammock is a Hennessy Deep Jungle Zip XL this under quilt fit nicely with the included shock cord and carbines. Canada has a varied climate between the spring, summer and fall. I have used down to 0 C however I do sleep hot so this will not be for everyone. With a reflective Mylar emergency blanket I have slept down to -5 C very comfortably . I am very impressed with the price as well packs small and fit easily in my 50 liter pack. This piece of wonderful gear has found a permanent place in my kit.

  4. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve used my OneTigris winter UQ down to 17°F and was plenty warm. Even though I have several cottage industry quilts including a custom °0 set with overstuff from Hammock Gear, this is my go to UQ in cold/wet conditions as the excess moisture would collapse the down in my other quilts( even though the HG quilts are hydrophobic treated down) and render them ineffective. I don’t like the length, shape and suspension of this UQ though. All of my hammocks are 11′ and this style UQ doesn’t fit particularly well and isn’t very adjustable. That’s why I gave 3 stars, I think a regular UQ shape and suspension design is much more adjustable, effective and efficient. But in spite of these major design flaws I was still able to get pretty close to its temp rating with my HG 0° +3oz overstuff TQ on inside my Warbonnet Travel Sock all under my Wilderness Logics Old Man Winter tarp. I’m positive that the TQ, sock and tarp with doors played a big roll in being able to get that low with it, but it even so, I’m also sure the UQ helped in the equation as well. Id really like to try this new version that has the rows of stitching down the sides to see if its better or worse. This type of construction typically creates cold spots in down quilts where the stitching is bc it makes a thin spot without any down, or synthetic insulation in this case. Maybe OneTigris will send me a sample to review for my YouTube channel? (Hint hint OneTigris) I’d like the opportunity to change my opinion about it. Other than those negatives, its a good synthetic quilt I think. A matching TQ in 3 season and winter would be nice too……

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