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OneTigris Mosquito Net Camping Hammock

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Why Choose OneTigris Camping Hammock?

"Everything you need in one little pouch."

Bring your pack, your hammock, and a light heart to the mountains. OneTigris Camping Hammock comes with YKK zippers, heavy duty carabiners, thick cordage, and a quality mosquito net, guaranteeing a 5-star-hammock experience. Lie diagonally and get a decent flat lay each night. Reconnect with nature in comfort.

Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Carabiners & Ropes

  • Lightweight (27oz/765g) and easy to setup
  • 210T quick-drying parachute Nylon that's soft, robust and breathable
  • Foolproof mosquito net for a peaceful night's sleep in the woods
  • Spacious (3m long) and supports up to 440lbs/200kg with plenty of shoulder room
  • YKK zippers, heavy-duty carabiners, multi-stitching and good weight capacity for long-lasting use
  • Two 2m ropes for attachment to supports
  • Ideal for short or long-term use during travels, expeditions and hiking trips

1. Recommended to be used with OneTigris Waterproof Ripstop Tarp for a dry night out anywhere.
2. Also works with OneTigris No-Stretch Hammock Straps for an eco-friendly outing.
3. Mosquito net can be place above or below the hammock, either as a mosquito net or an extra storage layer.

Material: 210T Parachute Nylon (hammock); Polyester (mosquito net)
Length: 10 ft (L)*5 ft (W)/3m (L) * 1.5m (W)
Packaging weight: 1.68lbs/762g
Packaging size: 11"*5"/28cm*12.7cm
Weight capacity: 440lbs/200kg
Cordage length: 84"/213cm
Guyline length: 240''/609.5cm

Package Includes
OneTigris Camping Hammock *1
Mosquito Net *1
Zipper-sealed sack *1
Carabiners (attached to the hammock) *2
Cordage *2
Guylines (for mosquito nets) *2

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Mosquito Net Camping Hammock
Mosquito Net Camping Hammock


OneTigris is a team of young hearts who loves adventures! It is our passion and the driving force behind the products we sell. We want you to go INTO THE WILD, sense what is out there, allowing your experiences to help you see who you truly are and find a deeper meaning of life. No matter if you like to be wanderlust alone or you want to venture off into the wild with your dog, OneTigris is there to provide you with high quality gears to adapt to every kind of environment.

You can even co-design a harness with our team for your dog! So please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re listening. We stand proud with all our products and never stop looking for ways to improve. Your satisfaction and feedback is our motivation and how we better the team and our products. Help us to help you improve your outdoor experience. Join OneTigris now.

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Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Realtree Camo

11 reviews for Hammock 02

  1. 5 out of 5


    Nach meinem ersten Testwochenende bin ich ziemlich begeistert. Die Hängematte ist sehr geräumig und gut verarbeitet. Besonders der YKK Reißverschluss überzeugt. An Zubehör ist auch alles dabei was man zum aufhängen der Hängematte benötigt. Das Zubehör (Karabiner und Paracord) macht ebenfalls einen hochwertigen Eindruck.
    Ich habe die Hängematte in Verbindung mit dem Onetigris Tarp verwendet. Trotz eines Regenschauers in der Nacht bin ich trocken geblieben.
    Ich werde mehr berichten wenn ich einen Langzeittest gemacht habe.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love this hammock an I have not had any issues with it at all!
    You can’t get a hammock of a similar cost (or even more) that is better than this on quality as well as price. I have another branded hammock and this OneTigris one knocks spots off it!
    I’m over 100kg and it was fine with my weight and there was still loads of shoulder room, I can lie diagonally and get a decent flat lay in which will be perfect for a nights sleep. It is extremely comfy. The material is nice and soft against your skin. Stitching is top notch, plenty of reinforcements! I have only had the bugnet up a couple of times but it is simple enough to put up if you want it up and there’s enough cordage that comes with it. Really lightweight! Everything you need in one little integrated storage pouch (which I love as I won’t lose it?). All in all a great quality hammock for not a lot of cash!!!!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The hammock arrived super fast.
    Fantastic hammock, stitching is perfect, quality is great, I don’t think you can get better even for double/ triple the price. Can’t wait to get out there, doing a bit of wild camping!

  4. 5 out of 5


    In the world of hammocks there’s quite a wide range of prices – anything up to several hundred pounds. So it’s remarkable that OneTigris can offer this one for so little money, given the quality and finish of it, and the fact it has a built in mosquito net.

    At a full 3m long it’s plenty big enough to hold a big tall person like me, which is a refreshing change from some hammocks I’ve encountered on less happy occasions. And the parachute nylon is rated to hold 200kg though I seriously doubt anyone weighing that much – 31 stone! – will ever be wanting to go camping or haul themselves up into a hammock. So the hammock is big and strong enough to hold the best of us, basically.

    The seams on mine are all well stitched, apart from the side pocket which forms the integral bag into which the hammock folds for storage. Here the cut fabric edges are left open, rather than being folded, and are already starting to fray. It’s an odd oversight on an item that’s otherwise very well finished, and I suspect the pocket will quickly become damaged and ultimately unusable. I recommend One Tigris look at this issue and upgrade their next batch.

    Rigging the hammock is easy, and you’re supplied with cordage though no instructions.
    At each end of the hammock you’ll find a fabric tunnel, down which you need to thread the line attached to the supplied carabiners. The 6mm rope is used for attachment to convenient supports – usually a nearby tree. The two ropes supplied are only 2m in length, so it’s likely you’ll need to supplement this with your own rope or webbing if setting up camp in places with large or widely spaced trees. The two carabiners supplied are neither climbing quality nor things of beauty, but at a total cost of thirty quid I’d be silly to expect more. I’ve already replaced them. I like the addition of the two webbing line protectors, for use around rough tree trunks. Nice touch.

    On the subject of carabiners and ropes, I agree with the Ray Mears philosophy of using knots rather than devices, for securing a hammock. They weigh less and have less chance of going wrong. In the long run I suspect I’ll swap the supplied cordage for webbing tape and do away with the heavy carabiners entirely.

    You can use this hammock in three ways:
    Fabric up, mesh down. With lightweight items stored below in the mesh section (don’t over-do it!)
    Fabric down, mesh up. Laying on top of both mesh and fabric
    Fabric down, mesh up. Sleeping between the two layers, zipped into your mosquito proof cocoon.

    Whichever way I rig it, I find it reliable and comfortable. I’ve also just reviewed the OneTigris Waterproof Tarp which is ideal for rigging overhead this hammock to create a full wet weather sleeping system. The two items together make a good and very adaptable kit.

    I’m very impressed with this hammock, given the price of it. There are some minor issues – the bag stitching, limited cordage and the unrated carabiners, but at the price point these are made up for by the shear value for money! If this item was being sold at £80 I’d knock a star off, but at thirty quid that would be churlish so I will award the full five stars. I would recommend to One Tigris that they improve the bag stitching and consider supply better lines though. My suggestion is longer lengths of webbing tape, no carabiners, and a good set of rigging instructions. The result would be a lighter and more flexible system.

    So, overall then, I recommend this hammock!

    I was supplied with sample product in exchange for my honest and unbiased appraisal. All words and views are my own.

  5. 5 out of 5


    As a quick summary, I think this is a very good hammock for the money, well stitched and includes all you need to get swinging from the trees. I’d advise a set of tree huggers and a tarp to make life easier and drier in the UK though!

    The hammock itself comes as a little bit of a kit and with no instructions at all on how to put it together or hang it, really there should at least be some online as getting it wrong could result in an uncomfortable night for someone.

    Folded into its built in pocket you’ll find the cloth hammock and midge net fully complete as a 2.9m x 1.4m rectangle plus two black carabineers attached to short lengths of cord. Also two beefier lengths of cord with two webbing tubes and finally two long lengths of very fine cord. The construction and stitching all looks to be very good – photo’s of some of the finishing have been uploaded. The storage bag doesn’t have any over stitching or edge finishing inside that may become a weak point, although this is only a minor gripe given the RRP. **Update** I have had an email from One Tigris customer support to say that they have already taken this feedback on board and the bag will have better stitching in future.

    The midge netting is nice and fine – it kept out Scottish midges so does the trick perfectly and the zip is a quality item running nice and freely.
    After a quick play in the house, I repacked the hammock on its own into the bag and put it onto the scales. As you can see in the photo, this part comes in at a delicate 606g. Comparing this to some of the leading lightweight hammocks out there, it’s maybe 140g or so heavier than expensive super lightweight ones that cost much, much more which in real terms isn’t that much weight and still a lot lighter than a tent. The carabineers are quite heavy and unrated for weight, they seem to be strong enough, but I quickly swapped them for two old climbing ones I had lying about rated to 2400kg which weighed 10g less each. Modern climbing ones would be much lighter, I know that 400Kg ones can be as light as 8g so a fair bit could be shed here. The whole kit weighs in at 888g which is pretty light given the price tag.

    Putting the hammock together is easy and it is nice to see everything you need to camp is supplied. I have taken photo’s of the process I followed, my method may not be the only way to hang the hammock as there are a 101 ways to do this, but what I did definitely works. First of all, you need to create a loop out of each cord that the clips come attached to, for this I used a double fishermans knot. Once made into a loop, thread the cord through the stitched hem on the short ends of the hammock, bunching up the material along the way. Once through pass the loop through the other end of the same cord and pull tight to bring the end of the hammock together. Repeat on the other end. Lip the carabineers onto this and it’s ready to hang.

    The thickest cords supplied are fed through the webbing pieces either as a single thickness or as a loop. I prefer the loop method to spread the load over twice as much cordage. The webbing is there to protect a tree’s bark from being cut by the main suspension cord – it’s good that One Tigris supply this as without it the cord can seriously damage the trees you are relying on for support. An improvement on this is the tree hugger straps One Tigris sell separately – these make it easier to hang the hammock and are even better for the trees – add them to your basket now.

    The fine cords are to create supports for the midge netting, thread these through the loops in the netting and tie off at the carabineers tight enough to lift the net, but not so tight that it comes under stress once you put weight into the hammock.
    Suspending the hammock from the trees requires the webbing covered cord to be put around the trunk and then attach to this with the carabineers, repeat at the other end on the second support. Adjusting for distance between the trees will require a bit of fiddling, again, the One Tigris tree huggers make this a doddle to get right. Ideally you’d have the base of the hammock sitting at about chair height to make getting in and out of it easy.

    The storage bag works ok, I’ve taken to stuffing it in rather than folding, if I stuff each half in from middle to end so that the two ends are left on top (see photo) then I can set up the tree huggers, clip one end on and gently pull out the hammock until I can clip the other end up. This allows me to go from packed to ready to use in seconds. A nice extra that could be created is what is usually referred to as a snake skin. These replace the storage bag with a fabric tube to store the hammock in especially designed for quick easy deployment and packing away.
    Once inside and zipped away the hammock works perfectly – I’m nearly 13 stone and just under 6 feet tall and was a snug as a bug. Plus the midge netting made sure that I was the only bug in there! I also tried sitting in it alongside my wife which took the total weight up to 22 stone and there was no issue taking that as well.

    Apart from the heavy carabineers, which is a very, very minor gripe for a hammock of this price, the only other issue I can find is a lack of any accessory attachment loops on the sides. I would like to be able to fit an underblanket to keep me extra snug but there is nothing to clip one to beyond the suspension ropes themselves. A couple of loops sewn into the edges would have been a nice little touch.

    All in all though, a very nice hammock to get people into the idea that camping doesn’t have to involve lying on the ground, well worth the small price tag and coupled with a tarp and some tree huggers you would have a very nice, light outfit.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I used this hammock for the first time last week. I had never owned one or slept in one before. It came in on time for my trip and was very easy to set up for a rookie like myself. I used the gathered end option for my 3 day kayak camping trip and it worked perfectly. I’m just over 200lbs and it was very stable. I did not use the tree straps that came with it so I can’t really say how thise would work. I used the tropical breeze 9′ straps. The bug net worked as described. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of smaller trees close by to tie it to which spread it out a good bit. I give it 5 stars.

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I ordered the One Tigris Hammock on March 25th and just got it today, fast delivery considering it is coming from China. I’ve yet to use it. I see it is great quality for the money for sure. I also ordered the 10×10 tarp also great quality for the money. I will do an update once I use them this summer or fall. They were also nice enough to throw in the free bag of stakes and guide outs with clips. As I inquired about them not being included when most stores do include them. That was very nice of them. All came in one package.

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The stakes they threw in were for the 10×10 One Tigris 10×10 tarp that don’t include the stakes or guide outs. Nice of the to throw them in for me for free when I complained about not having them included.

  9. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Ordered the One Tigris Hammock on the 26th june and i receive it on 3rd july, total only 5 working days. very impress with the shipping. As for the Hammock, just tested it out for awhile. So far i would say the material is excellence, the plus point is also for the price you can get such quality stuff is really a rare gem. Hopefully the team will continue to come out more affordable item and excellence product as such.

    Overall you have another happy customer here, thank you all for the hardwork.

  10. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I received my new One Tigris hammock in a timely manner here on the east coast of Canada. This is my first camping hammock. It was easy to setup with a set of instructions on the product, also came with a set of tree straps instead of rope. The quality is very good, from the stitching, to the YYK zippers. I have some practicing to do to get the best setup for an upcoming trip next year. I was very impressed on how comfortable the hammock is. I also have the OneTigris sleeping bag which worked great on a trip to Northern Newfoundland.

  11. 5 out of 5


    This is a great hammock. Its an upgrade to my cheap eBay fabric hammock with no net. Very sturdy and holds my weight well (16st/200lbs). Very comfortable and packs down well. Very happy customer. My video of it can be found here:

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