OneTigris 4 Pack Tactical Strap Management Tool Web Dominator Backpack Accessories

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OneTigris 4 Pack Tactical Strap Management Tool Web Dominator Backpack Accessories


  • Lightweight strap management tool, an excellent product to neatly address excessive strap length on packs
  • Professional elastic rope, no imitation to the thickness of the strap
  • Not only for the domination of outdoor bag strap, hydration tube snug but also for daily life
  • Added to Molle strap for storing some tactical accessories
  • Sturdy and easy to install and move around

The Web Dominator is a very fast and effective way to roll up the straps and get them out of the way.
Demension: 1.77*1.06 inch
Material: Plastic
Package content:
4√óWeb Dominator

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Black, Green, Tan

4 reviews for OneTigris 4 Pack Tactical Strap Management Tool Web Dominator Backpack...

  1. 5 out of 5


    It does what it says. I wish it came with instructions, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. Put the end of the strap through the slots on both sides, then wrap the strap around it. After that, loop the stretchy cord through itself to tie off the straps and you’re done. Releases quickly when you need your strap length back, and doesn’t fall off the strap so you don’t loose it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have tried many ways to keep my backpack straps under control. The objective is to keep them from tripping me, tangling, or whipping the crap out of me at high speeds on the motorcycle. Whatever the method, it needs to be adjustable and not damage the straps. Up to now the best thing I’d found is simply to tie them off. Works, more or less. It crunches the straps and they can become difficult to untie.Pins and carabiners didn’t work. Grommets and snaps work but require skill and specialized equipment to make good quality modifications. These are the best solution I have found to date. I gave the spare pair to my daughter who was also delighted with the results.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Work great for organizing long back pack straps. Get those straps that are not needed right away put in their place! Coming from overseas shipping is slow.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Keeps my osprey straps organized, I also use it to strap my hydration bladder line to my sternum strap. Useful little things

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